OLENS- Best Korean Colored Contact Lenses



Q Recommendation What's the best colored contact lens for dark eyes?
A If you want a wholly changed eye color, use Russian velvet or Russian smoky. They have a natural blended shade with a soft and calm edge line. So it can turn your dark eyes brighter.
Or if you are looking for natural colored contacts, but you want circle lenses, we recommend ViVi Ring, Cherry Moon, Someday. Their flawless circle line makes your eyes clear.
Q Recommendation What colored contact lenses do kpop idol wear?
A OLENS is popular in kpop idol, kceleb. They love Russian Velvet collection. It's because Russian velvet's high color and natural pattern make their styling on their stage special.
Q Recommendation What's the best colored contact lens for Asian eyes?
A Asian almost has brown eyes. If you want to enhance your natural eye color, brown colored contacts below are the best pick. They go well with Asian styling, including kbeauty.

- Spanish brown
- Scandi hazel
- ViVi Ring brown
- Eyelighter Glowy brown

Or if you want to change your brown eyes to other colors, you can transform your eyes and whole style.

- Spanish gray/ Spanish real olive
- Scandi gray/ Scandi light gray
- Russian velvet green/ Russian smoky olive
Q Recommendation What's the natual colored contact lens?
A OLENS has the first 11.9mm graphic size contact lenses, Spanish and Scandi. These are our best sellers and they have various colors such as Hazel, Gray, Olive, Aqua, Pink contact lenses. If you are looking for the most natural looking contact lenses, they are the best choice.

For natural black contact lenses, we recommend Eyelighter Glowy Black. Realistic highlight effect and deep edge line make your eyes look more multi-dimensionally.
Q Recommendation What contact lenses make your eyes bigger?
A If you're looking for enlarging color contacts, these big circle lenses are popular in Asia. They have 13.8mm~13.9mm graphic diameter.

- Bigsome
- Starlight 3con
- ViVi 3con
- Complex 3con
Q Recommendation What's the best colored contacts for Halloween?
A We recommend you Vampire collection, which OLENS has exclusively. It has Red and Silver colors and it's perfect for Halloween look. Its 13.5mm fancy graphic design pattern with red and silver colors is just right for any Halloween costume color lens.
Q Recommendation Which contact lenses are the most comfortable for sensitive/dry eyes?
A Contact lenses’ fitting can be very different depending on what materials they are made out of. OLENS are made of Puscon, K-FDA certified material that is more moisturizing and comfortable than silicone colored contacts. If you use Puson 1day products, they are easier to use and comfortable even for sensitive and dry eyes.

You can check out Best sellers of Puscon here.
Q Recommendation What's the best OLENS coloured contacts in korea?
A In Korea, 'Viviring' is the best colored contacts product line. It is a hydrophilic one-day soft contact lens line made of a puscon material. If you want a clear circleline, we recommend colored contact lenses of Viviring line that has various colors such as brown, choco, gray, and pink. →https://olensglobal.com/shop/goods_view.php?id=0000000538&search_text=viviring

And colored contacts of Russian Velvet Line are also famous for being Kpop idol lenses. It has High Pigmentation and no line on the edge of contacts which makes your eyes natural bright. And it also has various colors such as brown, gray, green, and blue, so you can choose based on your eye styling. →https://olensglobal.com/shop/goods_view.php?id=0000000480&search_text=russian velvet
Q Recommendation What light gray contacts lenses do you recommend?
A The best seller of light gray contact lenses is Olens ‘Scandi Light Gray'. It is a natural blend of bright gold and gray color and is made from bio-compatible material Puscon that provides comfortable and moist wear with UV protection. It brightens up your eye color, and it will help your eyes to glow. → https://olensglobal.com/shop/goods_view.php?id=0000000598&search_text=SCANDI%20LIGHT%20GRAY
If you prefer natural and dreamy gray contacts, we recommend 'Spanish Gray'. →https://olensglobal.com/shop/goods_view.php?id=0000000341
Q Recommendation What red contacts lenses do you recommend?
A Are you looking for colored contacts for special makeup? Then, we recommend Olens 'Vampire Red'. It has a fancy graphic design pattern and intensive Red color. With this saturated red contacts, you can easily do any makeup that will make you special, including Halloween makeup.
If you find coloured contacts for a perfect eye-catching makeup, we recommend 'Vampire Red’. →https://olensglobal.com/shop/goods_view.php?id=0000000512