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Wear & Care

Q Wear & Care Do contact lenses feel uncomfortable at first?
A There are so many factors causing you to feel uncomfortable wearing the contact lens.
So it is hard to see this uncomfortableness only from the products' problem, especially defective.
The comfort can be different each day depending on your body conditions.

* Factors to cause you to feel uncomfortable
- Wear lenses without washing hands.
- Wear lenses for over 8 hours.
- Drank a lot last night
- Slept not well last night
- Dry environment around, etc.

You can refer to the campaign for wear & care.
Q Wear & Care I have negative(-) eye power, what does it mean?
A Nearsighted(Myopia) means you can see things clearly if they are close to your eyes. Most of the people have nearsightedness and minus lenses used to correct it.
In contrast, farsighted(Hyperopia) means you can clearly see things that are far away and plus lenses used to correct it.
So the contact lenses used to correct eyes are minus, plus each. Minus means not your eye power, but the sign of lenses used to correct your eyes.
Q Wear & Care Why is my vision blurry with my contact lenses?
A Clean your lens properly before wearing them. You must wear the contact lens before putting on any type of make-up to prevent any particles to be driven into your eyes while wearing the lenses on.

If you look blurry or foggy while wearing the contact lens, please take it out, and rinse, rub it with the fresh solution. Then wear it again. If this blurry vision persists despite doing as suggested above, please see an eye doctor and check your prescription. Or contact our Customer Service.
Q Wear & Care Tips for contact lens care
A * Keep the contact lens case clean and replace it every three months.
* Rinse the contact lens every time before you wear and after you wear them.
* Rinse the contact lens case with fresh solution – not water.
* Do not allow the tip of the solution bottle to come into contact with any surface, and keep the bottle tightly close when not in use.
Q Wear & Care What are the rules of wearing contacts?
A * Do not use contact lens if you have ocular disease or allergy to contact lens.
* When you feel painful and irritated during wearing, remove the contact lens and get advice from your eye doctor.
* Do not use eye drops while wearing contact lens.
* Do not use damaged or expired contact lens.
* We suggest you wearing contact lens less than 8 hours a day.
Q Wear & Care What should I do before wearing contact lens?
A First of all, you always have to wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap, rinse carefully and dry before touching your contact lens. And rub and rinse contact lens with a fresh solution before and after each use. When you rinse it, please place 2-3 drops of a fresh solution and rub the obverse and reverse side of the contact lens.

Right before wearing, you must check the shape of contact lens, whether the contact lens has not turned inside out. The shape of contact lens should be "U "- Semicircular, not "V"- Inside out. If the contact lens is inside out, it will make you feel uncomfortable and will move around when you blink.
Q Wear & Care How to Wear colored contacat lens
A First of all, please check whether the contact lens is inside out. Then open your eyes widely and place your contact lens on your eyes. Last, you should blink your eyes several times to make the contact lens fit in your eyes.
Q Wear & Care How to Remove colored contacat lens
A First, please look at the mirror and check the contact lens. Then use your index finger, slide the contact lens down, and pinch the contact lens between your fingers. Last, please remove it from your eyes.

If you can’t remove it, don’t try to pull the contact lens off. It's better to put a few drops of lubricating eye drops and gently pinch the contact lens out of your eyes.
Q Wear & Care Can I clean the contact lens with Hydrogen peroxide?
A Regarding cleaning the contact lens with Hydrogen peroxide, 1day disposable lens is absolutely never, but monthly products are recommended cleaning with it once a week.

If you don't follow these recommendations, the contact lens can be transformed and it makes eyes hurt.
Q Wear & Care How to use Hyaluronic acid eye drop?
A Place 2-3 drops of Hyaluronic acid eye drop on the contact lens before wearing. Or while wearing, place it after taking them out. Please do not drop it into your eyes directly because it's not an eye drop.