OLENS- Best Korean Colored Contact Lenses



Q Products When is the expiration date of the contact lens?
A OLENS products can be stored for 4-5 years after manufacturing. On the package of contact lens, you can find a manufacturing date (Factory Icon) and Expire date (Hourglass Icon). Some contact lens, especially the bottled lens, we have a different way to write the expiry date on it. The order is YY/MM/DD.
Q Products Do you have the contact lens for astigmatism?
A We are afraid that we don't have the contact lens for astigmatism. Please check your eye prescription carefully before placing an order.
Q Products What's the role of graphic diameter?
A Graphic diameter is the width of the graphic area where the colors, patterns are located. Enlargement effect depends on the graphic diameter of the contact lens. So if the graphic diameter is big(over 13.3mm), it can make your eyes look bigger and give dolly eye effects. But if the graphic diameter of the contact lens is small(11.9m~13.1mm), it fits naturally on your eyes that people cannot notice that you wear the contact lens.
Q Products What's the difference between Diameter and Graphic diameter?
A Diameter (DIA) is literally the diameter of the contact lens meaning the total width of the contact lens. Graphic diameter is the width of the graphic area where the colors, patterns are located.
Q Products Can I re-use 1day disposable lens for more than one day?
A Contact lens is manufactured in different duration, with different materials, water contents, etc. 1day disposable lens is designed for a short term using purpose. So it may lead to eye illness or make you feel uncomfortable if you wear it for more than one day. For your eyes health, you must not re-use 1day disposable lens.
Q Products I just store my monthly lens in a closed lens case with the solution for a month, not wear. Can I use it for next month?
A The recommended wearing duration is not related to the number of wearing. Even if you don't wear it every day, even if you just store it in a closed lens case with enough solution, you must not wear it if the recommended wearing duration is over after open. The recommended wearing duration starts from the first opening day, regardless of whether it is worn or not.
Q Products Why is the actual color different from that on the website?
A By various conditions such as lighting, your original eye color, and shape that it may look different from the pictures. Please consider the variation before purchase.

You can refer to our "Review" page, where there are Customer review, Staff review, Youtuber review. On Customer review, our customers from all over the world leave many real reviews about the colors, patterns, comfort of products, shipping service, etc. And you can see using filter by origin eye shade, skin tones to help you find your fav OLENS.
Q Products What kind of Materials of contact lens do you have?
A We, OLENS, have various contact lenses made of HEMA, Silicon hydrogel, and Puscon which is made of Phosphorycholine. You can check the material of the products at "Specification" in all product details.

Each material has different advantages. Please choose according to your preference. If you have a sensitive eye, we highly recommend you to wear the contact lens made of Puscon. It will make your sensitive eyes more comfortable and healthy. More about Puscon, please refer to "What is Puscon?"
Q Products What is Puscon?
A Puscon is biocompatible hydrophilic contact lens material. It is the material also used for crafting artificial blood vessels for cardiac surgery as it has the same molecular structure as our bodies.

Additionally, Puscon pulls water from the air to form a solid moisture barrier on the surface of the contact lens, which prevents evaporation and provides moisture for 12 hours.

The moisture barrier of Puscon also can keep the lens surface always clean. Its moisture barrier repels fine dust, pollution, and protein build-up.

Puscon material provides enough oxygen and protects the eyes from UV rays.

If you want to know Puscon more, please check the details here.
Q Products When I received a product, the outer box was open. Is it defective?
A If you received the product's outer box opened, it's due to frequent moving and environmental changes during international shipping. You don't need to worry about wearing the contact lens sealed in each blister inside as it's individually sealed and hygienically processed. Only the open of the product's outer box cannot be the subject for refund or exchange.