OLENS- Best Korean Colored Contact Lenses

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  • Adr··· 08/29/2023 0Recommend

    I would love to try any contact lenses that has brown color or even grey!

  • Bin··· 07/28/2023 0Recommend

    I wanna try them all! I have never used contact lenses before but I want to upgrade my makeup with them!

  • Don··· 06/30/2023 0Recommend

    Would love ending gray so interesting and I don’t have it yet

  • San··· 06/30/2023 1Recommend

    I would LOVE to try the ending lenses, specifically the gray color. As much as I love natural lenses, like the glowy series, I am also a huge fan of striking and bold lenses, and the ending series provide a beautiful pop of color. They’re also enlarging which is always a plus!

  • Elk··· 06/30/2023 0Recommend

    I would love to try the glowy natural in latter brown or double tint or the double tint in brown, since I have already tried eyelighter glowy black and ended up falling in love with their effect. These two seem to have a similarish subtle effect but could give my brown eyes more of a glowy effect!!

  • Jac··· 06/29/2023 0Recommend

    OCEAN VELVET Green! Saw it on one of the influencers from your youtube video and it looks great on her! Have been wanting to try since, hoping it would look as good on me too! Also because I’ve never tried green contacts!

  • Dap··· 06/29/2023 0Recommend

    I would love to try Double Tint in brown and gray and French Shine in hazel and gray! I am currently using the Nils series and would like to try these new series for the natural but pretty colours to boost my confidence! Have been seeing positive try-on reviews of them, can't wait to try them!! <3

  • Min··· 06/29/2023 1Recommend

    Would love to try the new Ending contact lens in brown colour!! I am a huge fan of Vivi Ring and Moonlight lens in brown colour, they really help me look more energised but also look very natural. Ending lens have the perfect g diameter of my liking so definitely something I would love to try out <3

  • Ray··· 06/29/2023

    Secret comment

  • Han··· 06/29/2023 1Recommend

    I would like to try the Olens Ending in brown color!! Because this series look special for me and suitable for me wear to work. It's will make me look refreshed. So that, hope Olens can produce monthly wear for this series and then I can wear it to work every day. Thank you so much!!