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OLENS X NewJeans


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  • she··· 04/27/2023 0Recommend

    love the collaboration between olens and new jeans!!!! the double tint gray is my fav!! love how natural it looks!!

  • Kay··· 04/06/2023 0Recommend

    good luck everyone, their picks are all good! There's so many good options to choose from

  • OLE··· 04/04/2023

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  • Yan··· 03/31/2023

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  • kri··· 03/30/2023 0Recommend

    I loves New Jeans and I love wearing contact lenses as well! I feel like this collaboration is such an amazing project together and brings the k-pop community closer even more. I love the double tint brown, gives such a daily and neutral look.

  • Jul··· 03/28/2023 0Recommend

    Congratulations OLENS and New Jeans!! This partnership made me say oh my god ~
    got me looking for attention and the double tint in grey gets me exactly that!

  • Zhe··· 03/27/2023 0Recommend

    Oh my oh my god~ congratulations to OLENS and New Jeans!!! New Jeans really is the new IT girls love love the french shine and double tint

  • Zhe··· 03/27/2023

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  • Sha··· 03/27/2023 0Recommend

    I love NewJeans as new ambassador for Olens! I love the freshness they bring and fit the Olens vibe. My favorite from the collection is Double Tint Gray and how "Fresh" it looks! It looks so good on Minji <3

  • Sop··· 03/27/2023 0Recommend

    Congratulations to NewjeansxOlens! the double tint grey lenses are so lovely :)