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Endless Summer Glow


  • viviring
  • scandi
  • french
  • glowy
  • smoky
  • honey
  • velvet
  • gold






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  • Tif··· 08/17/2022 0Recommend

    The best summer lenses are definitely Scandi Gray! Naturally enhancing so I can even go into the sun and my eyes will still look natural. Wore them to a rave and my eyes were comfortable all day <3

  • And··· 08/16/2022 0Recommend

    The best summer contact lenses for me is the realring series! It’s very natural with a G.Dia that is nearly the same as my eyes. The color blends seamlessly with my eyes, almost as if I’m not wearing lenses. People can’t tell if I’m wearing contacts or not which I love!

  • DOA··· 08/15/2022 0Recommend

    The best summer contact lenses is definitely the Scandi series, espcially the Olive one, it changes your eye color but still looking so natural, even under sunlight, also its can be wear for a long day without feelling uncomfortable compare to the other ones cuz of small graphic diameter!

  • Ali··· 08/15/2022 0Recommend

    Best summer contacts are definitely Scandi Hazel! Sooo petty and bright, incredibly natural as well. Love how it makes my eyes pop without it looking fake or too over the top.

  • Kat··· 08/15/2022 4Recommend

    The best go to summer contacts for me is Spanish real brown, since i have dark eyes,it looks very natural to me, it's not super fancy but it will make you fabulous. No one notice that im wearing contacts which im very happy. Also it is very comfortable to wear the whole day.

  • Jam··· 08/15/2022 0Recommend

    My best to go summer contacts are viviring brown. It looks natural and my eyes look bright. It is a perfect match for the summer. I always get daily and monthly at the same time. When traveling its perfect to take daily contacts. When going out for a short time, monthly works perfect. ❤

  • ash··· 08/14/2022 0Recommend

    vivi ring 1day, great for ocean days or going to the pool by being daily disposable

  • Min··· 08/13/2022 0Recommend

    Love love LOVE the scandi collection!! Always makes me feel so empowered and sexy, there was even a sale for only $1! Olens always has the best deals

  • Lul··· 08/10/2022 1Recommend

    My favourite summer contacts are the Honey Ring collection, both colours brown and gray are so gorgeous and dreamy, they add a lovely sparkle and liveliness to my eyes and make me feel so much more confident when wearing them. Olens is a really great confidence booster, the best!!

  • Kat··· 08/09/2022 11Recommend

    My summer best contact is Real ring gray. My eyes popped and sparkled effortlessly. Almost everybody noticed how pretty my eyes were. Wearing those lenses made me confident and made me feel that i can rule the world. My eyes were the highlight of my whole get up every time i wore the lenses.