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Ring light effect to your eyes



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  • Jam··· 02/25/2023 0Recommend

    I like this design and color inspired by blackpink i really wanted to try this

  • Yar··· 06/23/2022 0Recommend

    I want to try colored lens!! In a blue tone would be great :3

  • OLE··· 06/21/2022 3Recommend

    Hi guys! I am staff Aimee, from OLENS team! Glad to announce 10 winners! We have already sent emails directly. Thank you so much for your participating in this event. We are now preparing another giveaway event, so please keep connected with us. Thank you :-)

  • Ann··· 06/20/2022 0Recommend

    I want to try out colored lenses for the first time! Heard Olens was the best

  • Zi ··· 06/20/2022 0Recommend

    OLENS is my favourite brand of contact lens, I also prefer the natural series whose G.DIA less than 13 mm. Can't wait to try Real Ring series!

  • cin··· 06/19/2022 0Recommend

    i fell in love with the ring light look after trying a few samples, normally i wouldn't have gone for it but it has a nice elegant, soft look that looked soo nice with my makeup and facial features. i love the natural style of real ring and it'd be great to see how it complements me! thanks olens <3

  • Lea··· 06/19/2022

    Secret comment

  • Sar··· 06/19/2022 0Recommend

    The real ring range has a beautiful shade of brown and gray, and along with that is its ring light effect brings out the contours of the eyes. This would be perfect for me as I love using natural lenses to really accentuate and bring my makeup look together.

  • Nik··· 06/19/2022 11Recommend

    This product really accentuates the model's existing beauty. I am so keen to try and see how it works on my eyes!

  • Tha··· 06/19/2022 0Recommend

    I bought few before but they all seems unnatural in my eyes. I really want to try this because my eyes are small and this real ring I think will look better in my eyes. I really wanna try