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[Secriss 3con Coral Brown(10p)] Secriss 3con Natural vs. Secriss 3con Coral


Hi Guys! It’s Hannah!
I’m Sarah’s high school friend!
Today, I’m gonna do COMPARISON & REVIEW
"Secriss 3con Natural vs Secriss 3con Coral"
I know many people hesitate to pick
between Secriss natural and Secriss Coral.
So, I decided to do this!!
It's gonna be fun a lot!!!

Let’s go guys!

Secriss 3con series Contacts
Let’s compare Secriss 3con Coral and Natural
First difference, G.Dia Secriss Coral is 13.5mm
so it’s bigger than Secriss Natural which is 13.1mm.

If you have small pupils, I think 13.5mm will be little bit big.
Also, These coral and natural all 3colors contacts.
However, Coral is more colorful than natural
As you can see, there is yellow line in the middle of Secriss 3con Coral.
Also, the patterns, I think coral is more detail than natural.

Secriss 3con Coral Brown
Secriss 3con Natural Brown

Secriss 3con Coral Brown
- Coral Brown-
Honestly, at the first time I wear it,
I could not find big difference with natural brown.
But I found difference right away, which is G.Dia.
I think this coral brown is more comfortable to who has big pupil.

But, I don’t recommend it to who has small pupils.
It may look like a puppy’s eyes.
And coral brown, there is coral color line in the middle.
I think it makes my eyes more glamorous and brighter than natural brown.

Secriss 3con Natural Brown
- Natural Brown -
When you wear the natural brown contacts,
your eyes and look become more calm.
G.Dia is smaller than Coral brown, so to me,
natural brown was much comfortable.

I don’t know everyone is like me or not, but to my eyes,
this natural brown seems like little bit dark green..
But it’s never bother me at all.
I think this natural brown is good to wear in the Fall and Winter.
If you want to styling your eyes with naturally glamorous, try it!

I really loved all these two contacts.
But, Personally, I liked Natural Brown.
Uh… Honestly, I liked the size of natural brown, and color of coral brown.

Secriss 3con Coral Gray
Secriss 3con Natural Gray

Secriss 3con Coral Gray
- Natural Gray -
I think all natural brown and
gray are darker than Secriss Coral. More interesting points is I can’t find difference
b/w coral gray and natural gray in my office.
My hair color is brown and I am warm tone.
So, I think brown is better match on me.
This gray color will be good match on who has black or blond hair.

Secriss 3con Natural Gray
- Coral Gray -
This coral gray... actually the coral color was not that visible on my eyes.
The pattern was wonderful anyway,
I think this one is more detailed than Secriss natural.
All Secriss corals are brighter when I wear it.
I think depending on your makeup and outfit,
it can be both your daily contacts and special day contacts.
It really fit to every concept!

Guys! This is all I got today. Thank you for reading :)


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