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[Russian Velvet Green] Another Exotic Vibe


Hi Guys!

It’s Sarah’s Note!
It’s first day of November! Can you believe it?
Time is so fast! Did you guys had a great October?
Did you enjoy your wonderful Fall?
Guys! It’s November!
Thanksgiving and Black Friday both are coming!
Seriously, OLENS prepared so great and fun promotion and events!
We can’t wait to start all!!

Anyway, I’m here not because of telling November events!
I am here for review very new contacts
“Russian Velvet Green”
There are very few reviews and influencer photo of Russian Velvet Green now, cuz it’s new.
So, I decided to review it for you who are hesitate to buy Russian Velvet Green!
Let’s review together guys!

russian velvet green
Everything is same with Russian Velvet Series, only difference is color.
Even though the contacts color name is green,
This contacts is not just have green color.
Green, red, and yellow these three colors are naturally mixed up together.
If there was only green color, it would be too unique,
but because of other colors, Russian Velvet Green became more natural.

russian velvet green contacts
Like every Russian Contacts,
this green contacts also does not have edge line.
So, if you looking for green contacts without edge line,
and changing both iris and pupil color, this is the one!

russian velvet green pupil
As we know Russian Series is kind of stylish, exotic, and unique contacts.
Cuz, It directly changes our eye color. Right?
Also, when I think about green contacts,
it always feels like green contacts is unique and unnatural.
You know what? I was wrong.
Russian Velvet Green changed my thinking.
I think, Russian Velvet Green is much natural than Russian velvet Brown.
It’s not that super green. It slightly change my whole eye pupil color.
If you see the contacts closer,
you may see middle of the contacts are little bit red? yellowy?
and I think that is the reason the contacts are not too unique but more natural.
It’s very natural green color.

Russian Velvet Green is definitely able to use as
an every day contacts and special day contacts.
I think depending on makeup style,
you can show both natural and stylish eye styling.
sarah's pick

This is all I got today.
I hope this review help you a lot when who hesitate to buy Russian Velvet Green.

See ya!!

Russian Velvet Green



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