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  • Jad··· 07/13/2024 0Recommend

    I love the Glowy Natural. It's super subtle and natural but is also enough to enhance and elevate makeup looks.

  • cry··· 07/02/2024 0Recommend

    i love glowy natural ! so natural and photogenic and also enhances my eyes

  • Oon··· 06/14/2024 0Recommend

    Glowy Natural Is my favourite because my boyfriend loves my eyes and with it, it makes my eyes pop and shine even more :)

  • Pan··· 06/13/2024 0Recommend

    I love glowy's subtle glow when first time I saw it, and I amaze by the new design golden olive color. I have worn the viviring series, I wish I could try glowy series too!

  • Ali··· 06/13/2024 0Recommend

    My favourite is glowy natural - I love the subtle glow to it while still looking very natural! appropriate to wear to work! :)

  • Min··· 06/13/2024 0Recommend

    Glowy natural is my favourite! So natural but enhances my eyes!!

  • Lyn··· 06/13/2024 0Recommend

    Favourite is glowy ! Love how the lenses define and accentuate the eyes .

  • Pho··· 06/13/2024 0Recommend

    I've not had the chance to try this series, but the glowy looks perfect for matching lots of looks!

  • TuM··· 06/12/2024 0Recommend

    Glowly natural was my first pair I ever tried from Olens. And I absolutely love it. Looks beautiful with my lashes.

  • Cab··· 06/12/2024 0Recommend

    I love the big glowy one !! It looks amazing with my jirai kei and casual makeup