OLENS- Best Korean Colored Contact Lenses

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  • Lin··· 11/28/2023 0Recommend

    Ash beige! It’s super pretty brown Omg… the other colors are really nice too like olive and gray

  • Joa··· 11/28/2023 0Recommend

    I am absolutely smitten with OLENS' contact lenses! Their vibrant colors and natural-looking designs never fail to amaze me. With every pair I try, I discover a new facet of my beauty. I would be thrilled to try all three colors of the new contacts line!

  • Pei··· 11/28/2023 3Recommend

    Absolutely love Olens! Each color is so captivating, but the Ash Olive speaks to me with its unique charm. Excited to celebrate my upcoming birthday and trying out these amazing hues would be an incredible gift! Can't wait to see how they complement my style. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Mar··· 11/27/2023 0Recommend

    GRAY is queen, classic and fits just about all skin tones and facial features.

  • Wei··· 11/27/2023 0Recommend

    honestly was intimidated by colour contacts until I tried OLENS. (shoutout to newjeans!!!) ever since then, this is the only colour contacts brand I purchase.

    would love to try the ones the model is wearing in the vid as well as the ash grey ones!

  • L.a··· 11/27/2023 0Recommend

    Probably love olens now i bought numbers of their product will purchase again ❤️

  • hal··· 11/27/2023 0Recommend

    need to try olens! especially the gray ones,,, will leave a cool review on my tiktok :)

  • Tri··· 11/27/2023 0Recommend

    Been using olens lenses for 2 years now. Would love to try the ash grey lenses as the style and color is the closest I gravitate towards for dark eye colors

  • Ece··· 11/27/2023 0Recommend

    I’d love to try ash gray since it’s the most suitable colour for me! Thank you ~~

  • Mic··· 11/27/2023 0Recommend

    I would loveeee to try all of them!! Fall in love with olens not that long a go, and you guys have been the best contact lenses brand i have tried so far.