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  • Ish··· 03/03/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names for French Gold 3 Con:
    Gray- New Hue
    Hazel- Cinnamon Flower
    Olive- Emerald Forest
    These are the names that came to my mind when i looked at the contacts. Good luck everyone!!

  • Sha··· 03/03/2021 0Recommend

    Pet Names for French Gold 3 Con:
    Gray: Luna
    Hazel: Topaz
    Olive: Emerald

  • Cha··· 03/03/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names for French Gold 3con collection:

    Stay Golden.

    Gray: Parisian Sky
    Hazel: Eiffel Tower Bronze
    Olive: Luxembourg Gardens

  • Sea··· 03/02/2021 1Recommend

    Pet names for French Gold 3con:
    Gary: Ivy Gray
    Hazel: Sweet Honey
    Olive: Baby Olivia

  • Sha··· 03/02/2021 0Recommend

    French Gold 3con Pet names
    Gray: cloudy mist
    Hazel: baby lights
    Olive: balayage

  • Jul··· 03/02/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names for French Gold 3con:
    Gray: Luna
    Hazel: Solaria
    Olive: Aspen

  • Reb··· 03/02/2021 3Recommend

    french gold 3 con pet names:

    grey: Ratatouille
    hazel: baguette
    olive: soufflé

  • Emi··· 03/02/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names for French Gold 3con
    Gray: Winter
    Hazel: Autumn
    Olive: Spring

  • car··· 03/01/2021 0Recommend

    French Gold 3con Pet names
    Gray: sliver punch
    Hazel: sand delight
    olive: forest secret

  • Sar··· 03/01/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names for French Gold 3con:
    Gary: Silver fox
    Hazel: Golden hour
    Olive: Pixie

  • Khe··· 03/01/2021 0Recommend

    French Gold 3con Pet names:
    Gray: Gunmetal
    Hazel: Corylus
    Olive: Suntan

  • Yu ··· 03/01/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names for French Gold 3con
    Gray: Sky
    Hazel: Sunset
    Olive: Nature

  • Jiy··· 03/01/2021 0Recommend

    French Gold 3con:
    Pet names
    Gray: Aurora
    Olive: Garden

  • Cat··· 03/01/2021 0Recommend

    A French pastries inspired theme

    Gray: Macaron
    Hazel: Opéra
    Olive: Éclair

  • Ari··· 02/27/2021 0Recommend

    Based off teas I like :3
    Gray- iced-Tea
    Hazel- Honey-Tea
    Olive- Green-Tea

  • Car··· 02/27/2021 0Recommend

    French sweets inspired.
    Olive- apple tart
    Hazel- Crème Brûlée
    Gray- Taupe

  • Pei··· 02/27/2021 0Recommend

    Pet name for French Gold 3Con:

    Luxury journey.

    Gray: Silver dream.
    Hazel: Golden time.
    Olive: Rive Gauche.

  • Bun··· 02/26/2021 2Recommend

    My ideas for the beautiful French pet-names based on the colors of French Gold 3Con:
    Min bijou - Gray (eyes like jewels)
    Ma bichette - Hazel (eyes like a deer when wearing)
    Ma belle - Olive (my pretty - you'll look stunning in them) <3

  • MCA··· 02/26/2021 0Recommend

    Pet name for French Gold 3con collection:
    .....Ma petite étoile (My little star)

    The gold makes eyes glow and shine like a star! Chic and iconic look

    Colours could have individual pet names:
    Gray- Shooting star
    Hazel- Shining star
    Olive- Twinkling star

  • Zai··· 02/26/2021 11Recommend

    BEAUTIFUL FRENCH Pet-name based on the colours of French Gold 3Con Collection:

    Gray: Lumière Sky ☁️ ❤︎

    Hazel: Chérie Delight

  • Cin··· 02/24/2021 2Recommend

    Night out in France Collection

    French twilight grey
    French hazel allure
    French Olive martini

  • Jas··· 02/23/2021 3Recommend

    Suggested Pet-name for French Gold 3con

    Name for the collection: Paris Romance

    Gray - Eiffel gray
    Hazel - Champagne gold
    Olive - Caviar green

  • jen··· 02/22/2021 0Recommend

    Inspired by each colors for this collection

    Grayl: Silverline
    Hazel: Brownie
    Olive: Ivy

  • Min··· 02/22/2021 1Recommend

    Suggested Pet-name for French Gold 3con:

    Gray - Sugar-Mix
    Hazel - Twinkle
    Olive - Olive-you

  • Gra··· 02/22/2021 1Recommend

    This collection of French Gold brought on feelings of royalty and aristocracy so as a whole I went on that idea.

    Name for the collection : Versailles Gold

    Gray - Duchess
    Hazel - Countess
    Olive - Baroness

  • Chl··· 02/22/2021 0Recommend

    Pet-name based on the colors of French Gold 3Con Collection:
    Gray: Sesame
    Hazel: Nutella
    Olive: Martini
    Best of luck everyone :)

  • Chu··· 02/21/2021 0Recommend

    these are my entry
    gray- divine
    hazel- goldeous
    olive - poppy

  • Mar··· 02/21/2021 1Recommend

    Francia Collection
    Eiffel gray
    Vintage hazel
    Parisian green

  • Kim··· 02/21/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name: divine goddess
    Hazel: aphrodite
    Grey: medusa
    Green: athena

  • Haz··· 02/21/2021 0Recommend

    A Touch of Nature
    They are very beautiful yet natural colors with a pop

  • jen··· 02/21/2021 2Recommend

    Collection Name: “Amour” or “Frans”
    Grey: Ash
    Hazel: Fawn
    Olive: Sage

  • Sit··· 02/21/2021 0Recommend

    I will give a pet-name for French Gold 3con as Divine since the collection are absolutely splendid & has a pinch of goddess look.

  • FOU··· 02/21/2021 0Recommend

    I would associate those name :
    Pet-Name : Like in Versailles (for the Gold part)

    Then the name could stay like the other collections Hazel / Gray / Olive or could have each a special surname

    Hazel - Café au lait
    Gray - Equinoxe
    Olive - Chartreuse

  • Ana··· 02/21/2021 0Recommend

    Pet-name for French Gold 3con is Goldeous.
    (It is gold+gorgeous)

  • Dal··· 02/21/2021 0Recommend

    Since it’s a French gold collection the names should be
    Gray - gris
    Hazel - noisetier
    Olive - vert olive

  • Chl··· 02/20/2021 0Recommend

    French gold reminds me of a soft and fresh garden so I would give them names inspired by nature.

    Collection name: Secret Garden

    Grey- Misia (after artemisia, the silver leaved plant)
    Hazel- Willow (after the pussywillow trees)
    Olive- Rosemary

  • Yae··· 02/20/2021 2Recommend

    Suggested Pet-name for French Gold 3con:

    Gray - Earl (from Earl Grey)
    Hazel - Cinna (from Cinnamon)
    Olive - Pista (from Pistachio)

  • Car··· 02/20/2021 0Recommend

    Suggested Pet-name for French Gold 3con:

    Gray - Iridescent
    Hazel - Coco
    Olive - Shamrock

  • Jin··· 02/20/2021 0Recommend

    Here are my pet-name for the collection:

    French Gold 3-con - Stay Gold Collection

    Gray - Luna
    Hazel - Liquid gold
    Olive - Evergreen

  • ··· 02/20/2021 0Recommend

    The {SHAMROCK} Collection Pet name for French Gold 3CON
    Gray: Chilean

    Hazel: Hare’s-foot

    Olive: Thimble

    Shamrock! A simple and easy name for anyone to remember and say, Each color is named after a clover a fun and edgy cute name. >-<

  • Jos··· 02/20/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names for 3 colors:

    Pritzy Gray
    Hey Hazel
    Awe Olive.

  • Cha··· 02/20/2021 0Recommend

    If I would give the French Gold 3con their pet names, it would be:

    Gray- Foudroyant
    Hazel- Illecebrous
    Olive- Audace

  • Chr··· 02/20/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names for French Gold 3con:

    Ashes of Grey
    Pot of Hazel
    Ollie Olive

  • Sus··· 02/20/2021 0Recommend

    The Millennia:
    Grey = Serenity
    Hazel = Galaxia
    Olive = Nehelenia

  • Tif··· 02/20/2021 0Recommend

    These colors look really natural and have a shine to them. The shine reminds me of how people look at each other when they're in love. Therefore, I named these after names (less common) that you would give your loved ones.

    Angle gray
    Honey hazel
    Darling olive

  • Mic··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

  • Sho··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    My Pet Names for all colors are :

    Baby Girl Hazel

    Love Haze Gray

    Martini Olive

  • ela··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    My idea for both color will be
    Gray winter
    Hazel cinnamon
    Olive lucifer

  • Sya··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    I think the names Mon Coeur, Mon Amour or Mon Chou would be nice

  • Feb··· 02/19/2021 2Recommend

    I would love for people to see my eyes and think that they're bright/pretty and this series reminds me of stars/planets. The name that I came up with is Solaire which is Solar in French. The names of each color is planets in Italian.

    Gray (Moon) - Luna
    Hazel (Jupiter) - Giove
    Olive (Earth) - Terra

  • Emb··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Mon Cherie Collection = Mon Cherie (My Dear/My Darling)
    Chic Gray
    Lovely Hazel
    Poppy Olive

  • Sha··· 02/19/2021 3Recommend

    French gold 3con series reminded me of pretty cat eyes. It would be so cute if each lens had the name of a cat.
    Gray - Ragdoll (cute gray blue eyes)
    Hazel - Persian (bright yellow orange eyes)
    Olive - Bengal (muted green eyes)

  • Ste··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name: Bonjour, Paris!

    Gray - Midnight Frost
    Hazel - Dreams
    Olive - Summer Magic

  • Taw··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Here are my pet-names for the French Gold 3-con
    Gray- Opal
    Hazel- Mae’ Alene
    Olive- Bello

  • GRE··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Here are my thoughts:

    Gray: Cool Char
    Hazel: Teddy
    Olive: Leaf Breeze

  • Sar··· 02/19/2021 3Recommend

    Collection name: Magnifique French Crystals or Magnifique French gems or Magnifique French stones (a name fit for a diamond like lenses and lenses that sparkle!)
    Gray: obsession diamond or just moonstone or diamond
    Hazel: perfection bronzite
    Olive: seduction jade

  • Vic··· 02/19/2021 16Recommend

    Gray: Nuage (French for 'cloud')
    Hazel: Macchiato
    Olive: Sage
    French Gold 3Con collection name: Triolet (French for 'triplet' in music terms)

  • ziy··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend


    Gray: foggy sky
    Hazel: earthy autumn
    Olive: smoky vibe


  • Kri··· 02/19/2021 2Recommend

    My thoughts as below:
    Gray: earl grey
    Hazel: praline
    Olive: lime

  • Kat··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Gray - Glimmering Galaxy
    Hazel - Buttery Chocolate
    Olive - Playful Fairie

  • Jas··· 02/19/2021 1Recommend

    gray- ma lune (my moon in french)
    hazel- mon amour (my love in french)
    olive- ma chérie (my darling in french)

  • Lau··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    The pet name that I would give this collection is "Belle", meaning beautiful. It is simple, and "lovely and chic" just like the contacts. The hazel and olive colors also remind me of the Disney princess Belle. They are subtle but stunningly beautiful!

  • Sop··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Pet name can be for French golf 3con can be-
    Y2k Frenchie con :)

  • iri··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    pet names

  • Sel··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names for the collection should be:
    Olive - wicked
    Hazel - serene
    Gray - misty

  • Phi··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names:
    Grey: Moon love
    Hazel: Butterscotch
    Olive: Pistachio
    Gold: Champagne

  • Rei··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names:
    Grey: Merengue
    Hazel: Hazelnut
    Olive: Pistachio
    Gold: Champagne

  • all··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    I think a cute pet name for the collection would be Hidden France
    As in the hidden beauty behind the lenses and how they look natural. All while keeping the original idea of the first name French Gold 3con

  • Est··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names to French Gold 3con -
    “pure mischief” or “mood stone”

  • Yan··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    I am currently living in France, and I would prefer to use names/ nicknames which remind me of friends with similar eye color:
    Olive: Aline (fairy-like)
    Hazel: Coralie (from corals)
    Gray: Elvire (uncommon but I know one girl just with beautiful gray eyes)
    Bonne chance à moi

  • Ana··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    My pet name would be the “OLENS collection of French Chic”

  • Ee ··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Going along with the French theme! How about Jolie as a nickname which means pretty!

    J - Just the lens I was looking for!
    O - Olens's latest release "French Gold 3Con"
    L - Lovely & Chic design
    I - It is perfect for any occasion
    E - Effortless way to transform your look

  • Sop··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name: Ethereal light
    Olive - Olive branch
    Hazel - Chocolate mousse
    Gray - Cloudy sky

  • Iri··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name: French Expressions
    Gray: Adrienne
    Hazel: Eloise
    Olive: Giselle

  • Zvi··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Pet name for collection: Par La Vue (means by the sight. It sounds similar to I love you in English too haha)
    Grey: Grise
    Hazel: Brun Clair (means light brown)
    Olive: Vert Jaunâtre (means yellowish green)

  • Sam··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    I would like to name them this
    Gray= foxy
    Green= dino

  • Lie··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name: Jenny series
    Gray: Willie
    Hazel: Heizy
    Olive: Olivia

  • Mu-··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    I would name them like this! ^^

    1. Gray - Dawn
    2. Hazel - Sunset
    3. Olive - Sunrise

  • Jen··· 02/19/2021 0Recommend

    Collection (Pet Name)- “French Latte” ☕️

  • Ama··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    1. Olive - Brigitte
    2. Hazel - Élise
    3. Gray - Celeste

  • Don··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name: Golden Frenchie (a name fit for a pet!)
    Gray: Gray-hound Eyes
    Hazel: You got me in a hazel
    Olive: Olive-you (I love you)

  • Deb··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection - "Magnifique"
    This shows the 'beauty' from within through the eyes of the beholder!

  • Kir··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Pet-Name for the French Gold 3con should be "Sunshine"
    Pet-Name for the French Gold 3con should be "Sunshine"
    Pet-Name for the French Gold 3con should be "Sunshine"
    Pet-Name for the French Gold 3con should be "Sunshine"

  • Hea··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Clueless contacts! They definitely give me those vibes! Like the famous yellow plaid outfit!

  • Joa··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name: Eirene ( ay:re;ney )
    Olive - Oribu
    Hazel - Hēzeru
    Gray - Gure

  • Mel··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    I would name it Palmier like the french cookies. They are gold in color too.

  • niz··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    1) Olive—Hunter (bold, cool)
    2) Hazel—Caramel/Toffee (sweet, friendly)
    3) Grey— Winter/Icy (cold, mysterious)

  • Bea··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name: Elegance
    Olive - Livie
    Hazel - Hazelnut
    Gray - Grace

  • Tan··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Olive/ Cateye Green
    Gray/ Iconic Moon Gray
    These would be the names I would use

  • Tam··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    “O-Goldie” . Combination of Olens and collection name
    Hazel: O-Goldie Noisette (Hazel in French??? Not really sure)
    Olive: O-Goldie Olive
    Gray: O-Goldie Gris

  • Zoe··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name will be "intertwine" as the colours are co-related or similar.
    Gray - Moonstone
    Hazel - Adventurine
    Olive - Peridot

  • Che··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name: or scintillant
    Gray: Glaze
    Hazel: Hazy choco
    Olive: Oliver

  • Ann··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection Name: Galaxy Gold
    Gray: Nebula Gray
    Hazel: Hazel Nova
    Olive: Olive Orbit

  • das··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    “misty” because the contact lens blends in with your eyes like the lens is your natural color.

  • Cin··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I think the name should be "wonderfully lovely"!
    natural reflections that will make your eyes magical

  • Min··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    For the package name, I'll say the "Romantic Eiffel "
    Gray: Emmanuel
    Hazel: Amandine
    Olive: Olivier

  • Kei··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I’d like to suggest “Lueur” which means glow in French~ ✨✨

  • Jan··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would like to suggest ‘Abella’ ❤️
    It means breath, source of life

  • Dah··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Loving Halo

    To highlight the French gold 3con's creamy edge line and the lovely & chic mood it makes.

  • yuf··· 02/18/2021 5Recommend

    Collection theme:
    When I think of French collection, I think of romance. Since there is a lot of pretty and romantic names here, why not try the opposite theme: heartbreakers

    Gray: Noah
    Hazel: James
    Olive: Oliver

  • Den··· 02/18/2021 4Recommend

    Gray: Evening hue
    Hazel: Royal light
    Olive: Garden of dreams
    The collection theme could be “Parisian night” representing a romantic evening in a chic city like Paris.

  • Jiw··· 02/18/2021 2Recommend

    Collection Title: French desserts

    Grey: cookies and cream
    Hazel: hazel chocolate
    Olive: olive oil cake

  • Ash··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    gray: enchanted
    brown: elegant
    olive: empowered

  • Yen··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray - blueberry sea
    Hazel - caramel fade
    Olive - watermelon

  • Noe··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    All the collection : Mon amour (my love)
    Hazel: croissant
    Grey: nuit (night)
    Olive: bijoux (jewel)

  • Ron··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Grey: Gabrielle
    Hazel: Heya
    Olive: Odette

    French names may be fitting

  • Jen··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Gray- Dusk gray
    Hazel- Golden hour
    Olive- Horizon green

    Collection: Midnight collection

  • Jin··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Gray - étoile (star)

    Olive - Bijoux (Jewelry)

    Hazel - Tournesol (Sunflower)

  • Eve··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    I’d name the collection simply— “ FOXY FRENCH

  • Vvi··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Creative Nickname: Chérie

    It is a term of endearment used to call someone you like.

  • Cé··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection Name : "Œuvre d'art" (Masterpiece)

    Lenses :
    Gray : "Savage"
    Hazel : "Noisette"
    Olive : "Pétillante"

  • Mel··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I'm originally French & since this collection is the French Gold3con, why not using French words that are in the Chic, beauty, luxury theme?
    For the whole collection pet-name: La collection Mythique (mythical collection)
    Grey= Élégance (elegant)
    Hazel = Royauté (royalty)
    Olive = Divinité (divinity)

  • Sel··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray-sassy diva
    Hazel-innocent kitten
    Olive-Irish princess

  • Ysa··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    I think that doré à l'or suits this collection a lot. It means ‘gilded in gold’ in French.

  • Sha··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Honey trap (Hazel)
    Facade (Grey)
    Baked Warmth (Olive)

    ((Why are these lowkey horrible nicknames. Gosh. I’m so sorry.))

  • Aly··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection Name: Perdu Dans Tes Yeux, which means lost in your eyes.

    As for the lenses in this collection:
    Gray: rusée (foxy)
    Hazel: chérie (honey)
    Olive: étouffante (sultry)

  • Mar··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Genevieve - I think is classy and fancy and shows the French âme.

  • Yue··· 02/18/2021 3Recommend

    Pétillant - this french term is used to describe slightly sparkling/effervescent wine :)

    This reflects the natural glamour of the contact lenses well and is also very melodious.

  • Ama··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Bijoux (means jewelry/accessory and contact lenses are a perfect accessory for completing a look and matching an outfit)

  • Jes··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray- swan lake
    Hazel- golden iris
    Olive- gardenia

    collection: french kiss

  • Sun··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Gray- icy
    Hazel- chestnut
    Olive- moss

    Just what came to mind immediately :D

  • Jia··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    gray - sesame
    hazel - almond (or hazelnut)
    olive - pistachio

    collection - snack platter?

  • Con··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    'Amour Bebe' (in French)
    It means Love Actually, Baby.
    Because we love these colour lenses.

  • Nat··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection Name - Midnight Beauty
    Gray ~ Sage
    Hazel~ Fawn
    Olive ~ Jade

  • Mon··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray: Sugar
    Hazel: Spice
    Olive: Everything Nice

  • Lyd··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray - mystic midnight
    Hazel - golden glow
    Olive - shimmering sunset

  • Wen··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray: Stellar Gray
    Hazel: Pure Hazelnut
    Olive: Gazing Olivia

  • Gen··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    "Magnifique" which means magnificent or gorgeous in French, which also happens to be the vibe that I feel these gorgeous contact lenses radiate.

  • Xia··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    collection name: femme fatale
    Gray - spellbound
    Hazel - enchanted
    Olive - all will env

  • Noo··· 02/18/2021 3Recommend

    I would call it bue-yue ( pronounced like beux jeux in french which means beautiful eyes).

  • Lor··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray: Luna
    Hazel: Sol
    Olive: Stella Nova
    Inspiration: Galaxy

  • Jen··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name = Ice-Out

    Gray = Icy Breeze (inspired by the cold winter wind)
    Hazel = Glow hour (inspired by the occasional sunset at the beginning of spring)
    Olive = Daydream (inspired by the longing feelings you get after a long lonely winter)

  • Jun··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Aurore could be one (Aurore Hazel, Aurore Olive, Aurore Gray) or Eclair (Eclair Hazel, Eclair Olive, Eclair Gray).

    Since they are called the French Gold series, the petname should be related to France but it would be bad marketing to stray too much from Olens' color naming scheme.

  • Luc··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    pet names

    gray: blushing moonstone
    hazel: smoky topaz
    olive: warm jade

  • Rei··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    collection name: femme fatale
    Gray - spellbound
    Hazel - enchanted
    Olive - all will envy

  • Lor··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray: Mercury
    Hazel: Tellus
    Olive: Fortuna

    (inspired by Roman mythology)

  • Cel··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names:
    Gray - Elysian (meaning: beautiful, creative, perfect)
    Hazel - Orenda (meaning: mystical force)
    Olive - Virago (meaning: strong, brave)

  • Jes··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names for the French Gold 3con:
    Gray - Stormy
    Hazel - Breezy
    Olive - Lively

  • Tho··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Ideas fir pet names:
    Grey = sterling
    Olive = verdant
    Hazel = burnished

  • Tif··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Grey~ In the Mood
    Hazel~ Happy Days
    Olive~ Harmony
    These colors evoke emotions, that’s how I came up with these names.

  • Mic··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Pet names will be the following
    Gray: Dusky
    Hazel: Fawn
    Green: Verdant

  • Sud··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    gray- Moon’s Soul
    hazel- Sun’s Soul
    olive- Tree’s Soul

    I hope u like it!! :)

  • Sel··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Inspired by What the Colors Made Me Feel
    Gray - Nostalgia
    Hazel - Warmth
    Olive - Clarity

  • Shi··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Grey: aurora love
    Hazel: dreamy sun kisses
    Olive: matcha milk tea

  • Chr··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Nickname: Girl next door

    Gray : Shades of Gray
    Hazel : Chai Latte
    Olive : Khaki Loving

  • Sop··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Named after popular French pastries!~

    French Gold 3con Gray: "Macaron"

    French Gold 3con Hazel: "Éclair"

    French Gold 3con Olive: "Soufflé"

  • Wan··· 02/18/2021 9Recommend

    petname will be 'Amber' e.g. Amber gray, amber hazel, amber olive series

  • Ann··· 02/18/2021 2Recommend

    Inspiration from the flowers they resemble to:
    a. Sakura Gray
    b. Daffodil Hazel
    c. Orchid Olive

  • Sen··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    gray - charcoal gray
    olive - cucumber olive
    hazel - hazelnut cream

    french gold 3con - foodie 3con

  • Nic··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    my petnames ><

    gray // gray day

    hazel // hazel martini

    olive // olive love

  • Anh··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Names inspired by nature but in French
    Gray: Clair de Lune (moonlight)
    Hazel: La Belle Terre (the beautiful earth)
    Olive: l'arrivée du printemps (the arrival of spring)

  • Gin··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Collection name: Retro Speck (a play on the word Retrospect)

    Theme: A throwback to the 90s

    Gray - Monochrome Gray
    Hazel - Sepia Hazel
    Olive - Granny Smith Olive

  • Cam··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Pet name -Fluffy
    Grey -poodle
    Hazel -golden retriever
    Olive -Shepard
    Since people want puppy eyes

  • Bow··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I like the food themes, so I would call them:
    Hazel: coco cream
    Olive: matcha latte
    Grey: icy parfait

  • Jih··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    A cute pet name would be just simply "softie" they have defined colours but they look overall very soft

  • Lau··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Names inspired by Beauty and the Beast
    Gray: the gray stuff
    Hazel: Belle
    Olive: the great wide somewhere

  • Sue··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Serenity, Celeste, Selene
    Wear these shades and instant confident like goddesses.

  • jen··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection: Seasons of True beauty

    Gray : Stormy gray
    Hazel : Sultry hazel
    Olive: Blooming olive
    sultry : ( hot and moist or creating passion) , Stormy (strong winds and rain), blooming ( refer to spring, A person who is blooming has a healthy, energetic, and attractive appearance)

  • Jam··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray: blueberry swirl
    Hazel: chocolate swirl
    Olive: green tea swirl
    Or it can also be
    Gray: darkchocomilk
    Hazel: chocomilk
    Olive: mintchocomilk
    These were some of my ideas and its a pretty contacts.

  • Hel··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    The collection should be named: Let them eat cake inspired by Marie Antoinettes famous quote.

    Gray - Earl grey tea
    Hazel - Hazelnut cream
    Olive - Matcha crepe

  • Sha··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Goldie would be too cute

  • Han··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    The collection should be pet-named "Barbara" because the name sounds like a french maid.

  • Seo··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    ⭐️Grey - Cheers to your eyes
    ⭐️Hazel - Inextricable maze
    ⭐️Olive - Peridot / fascinating marble

  • Min··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    The collection: Splendeur (means splendor in English and I think a short name is easy for everyone to say and remember)

  • Ris··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    "Joli."Short & sweet. Meaning "pretty" in French, but the masculine version. Men can be pretty in OLENS too, and the Joli Collection can elevate feminine naturale confidence.

  • Lyn··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    My ideal was:

    Gray : Night Lover
    Hazel : Dream Girl
    Olive : Ocean Eyes

  • Shu··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Pet name: Goldilocks
    Cute like the children's story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

  • Man··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray: Ethereal - very whimsical and mysterious
    Hazel: Meadows - soft, light glow as if you’re walking through a spring meadow
    Olive: Evergreen - natural and timeless

  • Nao··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    IN LOVE WITH - "I see my universe in your eyes. "
    Collection: THE UNIVERSE
    Gray: Mercury
    Hazel: Venus
    Olive: Neptune

  • Den··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I think “cuti3” will be a great pet name ☺️ It fits the aesthetics of this collection!

  • Ann··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Here are my ideas:
    Gray - Serene
    Hazel - Cozy
    Olive - Lush

  • Jum··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    my thoughts are;

    gray : cloudy kiss
    hazel : sleepy kisses
    olive : baby kith

  • gis··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    collection: jours de saison (season days in french)
    gray: winter sunshine
    hazel: fall night
    olive: spring day

  • gab··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    An overall cute nickname for the French Gold 3con could be beau brun which means brown beauty in french or étoiles d'or which means golden stars also in french

  • YuT··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray: Milky Way
    Hazel: Earth
    Olive: Deep Forest

    The collection title: Allô, Nature!
    * Look Natural with Allô Nature Collection *

  • Sta··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    hazel: creme brulee
    green: key lime pie
    grey: toasted marshmallow

    :)) so pwetty!

  • Han··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    lumière d'été - for the collection name meaning summer light. Reminds me of warm sunshine on your skin.

  • Joy··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    The Galaxy collection:

    cosmos gray
    stardust brown
    orbit olive

  • Lin··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    ✧ collection name: evanescent (adj. soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing) ✧

    ╰ gray: frozen dream

    ╰ hazel: coffee cloud

    ╰ olive: secret garden

  • Vin··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would nickname the French Gold 3con collection: Bonjour Beautiful!

  • ANN··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    For the collection - "de la terre"

    Gray - "la pierre"
    Hazel - "le sol"
    Olive - "le gazon"

  • Ire··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would name this collection:
    Season -
    Grey: Winter Night
    Olive: Spring Glow
    Hazel: Autumn Dawn

  • Miy··· 02/18/2021 2Recommend

    Gray- peachy queen/ peachy keen
    Hazel- Dollface/pumpkin
    Olive- Dream grass/ Emerald jewel

  • Jum··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    gray: rêver night (dream in french)
    hazel: honeylight
    olive: serene

  • Lei··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    The eyes are the window through our soul. I like to name the colors:

    Gray- Twilight
    Hazel- Dawn
    Olive- Dusk

  • Nic··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Stupéfiant or merveilleux éclat for the collection. Both are french translations.

  • Kim··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Golden Hour! I think those are such lovely colours that will make our eyes pop :)

  • Dan··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    My names for these 3 icons would be something like
    Gray- Smokey Gray Yara
    Hazel- Murphy Hazel
    Olive- Oleaceae

  • Jan··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection name = Sweet like Honey
    Gray = sultry goddess
    hazel = gentle and warm
    olive = chic lady

  • Jin··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Gray - Ragdoll queen
    Hazel - goldie retriever
    Olive - Kitty Persian

  • Kia··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Dazzling hazel
    Moonlight gray
    Mysterious olive

    Although using descriptive words could be a one dimentional thought, I believe it would help the customers make an easier and more appeasing decision when making a purchase.

  • Wen··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Here's my idea with Y2K inspiration!
    Gray: Cloudy
    Hazel: Haley
    Olive: Jasmine

  • Min··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Collection Name: "Seine" or "Pont d'léna"
    Gray: Eiffel Tower
    Brown: Caffè Latte
    Green: Dried Parsley
    I was inspired by a vision of a slow-French afternoon on your Paris balcony or a small Paris Cafe, looking at the Eiffel Tower, enjoying a warm cup of caffè latte with some French pastries.

  • LiW··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would name this collection Ethereal because the overall design & packaging is breathtaking and it perfectly describes how the lenses are delicate + light!
    If we were to name the lenses individually then:
    Gray: Celestial
    Hazel: Epiphany
    Olive: Serene

    All of which matches the overall theme!

  • MAR··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    This collection provides an aura of warmth, so, I would pick “Hae-soon” from the myth on Sun-Goddess of Korea which means “sun.” By wearing this collection you will shine brightly like the sun!

  • Jes··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    gray: winter night gray
    hazel: toasted caramel hazel
    olive: sweet apple olive

  • Aga··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    ~~ Miel - French for honey which was the popular Y2K colour

  • Gra··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    The contacts seem very warm, and gives a sense of gentleness like a ‘Muse, Goddess, Angel’, a beauty to be admired.

  • Anu··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    yaongi ~ sexy cat eyes ~ Help me look good in college

  • Cor··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would gove the pet name “deux mille” since this collection is a Y2K vibe, and it pays homage to the french part of the collection :)

  • Joe··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would name this collection "Spring Day" as it gives a warm forest vibe!

  • AnP··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I’ll call them macarons because they look dreamy and sweet like macarons

  • Eth··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Short and sweet, I think a suitable pet name would be "ELLE". I believe it's a pretty and feminine name that's perfect for this series!

  • Ros··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    I think Secret Garden matches as a pet name for the lenses as they are mystical and beautiful.

  • Haz··· 02/18/2021 4Recommend

    The colours are so pretty! Here are my suggested names:
    Grey: Moonlight
    Hazel: Sunset Glow
    Olive: Spotlight

  • Aal··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray: icy-you gray / argenté gray
    Hazel: soleil hazel
    Olive: spring olive / vesna olive

    or my personal favourite: oui oui baguette

  • Dai··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I think "Stay Gold" fits the theme and it also sounds cute :)

  • Dai··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    The nickname should be tempête, French for storm. It also sounds a lot like the English word for temping, temptress, tempted.

  • Ann··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would probably give this collection a French pet name since it’s “French Gold 3con” so probably name it Aurélie which means “golden”

  • Car··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Here are some names that I think are cute for these lenses
    Hazel: crème brûlée
    Gray: Je t'aime

  • cla··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    "Warm glow": because it makes the eyes shine brighter with warmth!

  • Sua··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Gray: foxy gray
    Hazel: puppy brown
    Olive: sassy olive.

  • Sea··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would call french gold 3con honey love since the colors remind me of warm honey !

  • Jen··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray: Piercy (piercing beauty)
    Hazel: Gold godess
    Olive: Attention grabber

  • Cat··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    "Aurelie" is a cute and pretty French name. And it means 'golden'.

  • Nat··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    I think Fawn, Sweet Fawn, or Delicate Fawn. When I think of these contacts, they give you that doe wide-eye feeling of innocence and love. Fawn is also a way to describe how one shows affections and as a color, would be like a gold yellow that brings warmth and creaminess.

  • Sop··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    "larme d'or" which means tears of gold in french. i think it suites the color

  • Chl··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

  • Abi··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would call it étoile (pronounced et twaal) or vedette, which both mean "star" in French. This is the perfect pet name for French Gold 3con because it is very elegant and chic, which matches the vibe of these lenses. Also, French vedette sounds like French baguette, making a cute play on words :)

  • Kas··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Here’s my choices for pet names:
    stormy, goldie, and Forrest Gump

  • Fra··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Fleur (flower in French)
    Or Mon Chérie (my love in French)
    Or Eiffel

  • Sit··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Grey:clear as Lychee
    Hazel:soft and sweet like Honeydew
    Olive: fresh and unique as Kiwi

  • Ver··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I think, to keep the French style, we should go with “Cannelle” which means Cinnamon in French, “Caramel”, which also means Caramel in French, and “Gribouille” which means Doodle, that is a very famous French name for cats !

  • Ste··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    French macarons!!! In the following flavors :)

    Pluine - gray
    Marmalade - hazel
    Pomme verte olive

  • Rav··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would give the French Gold 3con the nickname "Glance of France"

  • Dap··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Here are my thoughts.

    Gray: Leather (a stormy and chic vibe)
    Hazel: Satin (a soft natural vibe)
    Olive: Silk (a posh trendy vibe)

  • MyL··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Gray: Grand Wish
    Hazel: Hazelnut
    Olive: Oh-love

    Out of my mind

  • Nat··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Going for the y2k aesthetic, Juicy. When i think of y2k fashion/aesthetic I think of the iconic Juicy matching velvet sets that celebrities rocked all the time

  • Sab··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Since the collection name is french gold 3con
    Maybe try french names

    1. Étoile - star
    2. Papillon - butterfly
    3. Soirée - evening

  • Hui··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I will call this lens secret
    Because this lens will making your eyes looks secret

  • Jen··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Georgette like the anti-heroine poodle of the
    The movie Oliver and Company

  • Mah··· 02/18/2021 2Recommend

    Chaleureux (warm in french) collection featuring: Cloud (Grey), Cinnamon (Hazel) and Citrine (Olive).

    Good luck everyone

  • Abi··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    beau sucre which literally translates to beautiful sugar in french which represents the chic and natural aspect (beautiful) and the cute and lovely aspect (sugar) of this collection!!

  • She··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Golden fisher I would say lol
    Sparkling shiner maybe?
    Just some random thought

  • Sze··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    “ Passionné “ meaning hot in France. Because these lens look likes so sexy and the lens colour almost near likes horizon colour

  • yuk··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Grey: pinky grey
    Hazel: milky brown
    Olive: chocolaty olive

    Cute theme names that makes the contacts appealing

  • Ang··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Here are a few pet names for each colour:
    Gray: storm, cloud, or mist
    Hazel: woody, nature, or pine
    Olive: leaves, cactus, or lush
    I went with elements that came to mind for each colour.

  • Cla··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Malibu Retreat
    Summer Rendezvous
    Something warm, summer and beach vibes!

  • Ele··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I will name the series of French Gold 3con lens as “Amour” which means “Love” in French. Wearing this series will make one fall in love with your dreamy eyes...
    So they can be named “Amour Gray”, “Amour Hazel” and “Amour Olive” for the 3 colours for easy distinguishing of the colours^^

  • Mar··· 02/18/2021 2Recommend

    I would suggest a few pet names like Honey,Sage, and Smokey for the contacts to highlight their characteristics!!!Good luck everyone

  • Mir··· 02/18/2021 3Recommend

    For the gray: Frost
    For the hazel: Deer
    For the olive: Fern

  • Che··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    I would say Cateyes because the colours are subtle & cute but they also have the ability to be fierce. The duality of a feline.

  • Tra··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    à la mode - meaning up to date, fashionable or modern style which fits in perfectly with the chic mood of the lenses

  • Chl··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Ateen because it reminds me of the drama ateen do Hana and also wearing those contacts will make me feel cool and young and mature

  • Jul··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    The Hazel colour i would name MOCHA, because the colour looks like my pomeranian MOCHACCINO!

  • Jul··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Parisian Chic, Parisian Flirt, Parisian Rendevous, Parisian Avant-Garde, Parisian Risqué

  • Jen··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Either "choux" (as in choux pastries, which are a golden color and round), "macaron" (which are also round and can be any color, so very fitting), or simply "chérie". In any case, it should be clearly recognizable as French-inspired.

  • Ben··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    “Yummy eyes” because when you wearing a French gold 3 con and they are looking into your eyes, they feel like our eyes is so sweetly and charmingly.

  • Rac··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    “Retro Dream” for y2k and dreamy looks the contacts give :)

  • Cor··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    “Choco”, because it looks delicious :p
    Really cool new lens

  • Kex··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Kiki, describes a social gathering for storing sharing and gossips, and at the same time reminds people of Kiki's Delivery service.

  • Jea··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Celestial Epiphany would be a good phrase. Celestial means heavenly or divine presence, and epiphany means enlightenment!! Looking into the eyes of someone with French Gold would remind me of being enlightened by heavenly beings!

  • Cla··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    haha I would name the Hazel color "Waffle" because Waffle is such a Corgi name, and the colors in the hazel lens reminds me of a corgi :)

  • Keh··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend


  • Tia··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend


    Locks eyes when staring into the lovely French gold.

  • CRY··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    "Dreamy Cutie " would be a perfect name :)

  • Pui··· 02/18/2021 0Recommend

    Give it a pet-name: Lazy Cleopatra. Sexy, charming but not harmful

  • Kri··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    What about Belle D’or Les Yeux :) beautiful golden eyes?

    Or D’or Lune :) golden moon

  • JEA··· 02/18/2021 2Recommend

    "Clair de Lune", meaning moonlight in french! These contacts give me romantic moonlit vibes and resemble the different glows that the moon radiates!

  • WEI··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Giving it the pet name "Madamoiselle ". Chic and subtly sexy, natural yet elegant, just like a french lady

  • Car··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    "Sunrise" is perfect as it looks like watching the sun rise from the horizon

  • Tia··· 02/18/2021 2Recommend

    The petname would be: Foggy forest

  • Asa··· 02/18/2021 4Recommend

    "Baby Frenchie" it rhymes and sounds cute. If I win I would love to review it on my youtube channel: hellomelo

  • Sop··· 02/18/2021 6Recommend

    “Merveille” from French.
    Putting on contacts makes me feel as if I have transformed and in a dreamlike fairytale.
    More specifically, I am reminded of Alice in Wonderland (Alice au pays des Merveilles) who finds herself lost in a world of Beauty and wonder where she can let go of all her worries.

  • Kat··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Runey Stars

  • Mic··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Naming them "midas même" I hope I win!! These look so wonderful

  • Cry··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Naming it “La Féerie” would be so apt!! La Féerie means fairy in French

  • Lih··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Pet name for this lens : Carpe diem.
    These lens looks so natural

  • Sol··· 02/18/2021 6Recommend

    Ethereal Haze - these lenses' design have a soft and creamy look that feel hazy and airy.

  • Tay··· 02/18/2021 5Recommend

    I think French Gold should be named Paris because it makes sense with the french theme and the color of the lenses match perfectly with the concept of Paris.

  • Ani··· 02/18/2021 4Recommend

    mon amour - French for my love ❤️
    I love these new natural but ethereal looking contacts.

  • Jos··· 02/18/2021 6Recommend

    Looking at all the colors, I would say a Pet-Name that I would give French Gold 3con is ✨Doe-Eyed Goddess✨.

  • Mel··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    I think a good pet name for French Gold is Gâteau. A French word that means cake - French Gold eye contacts looks yummy and bright like a cake

  • Emi··· 02/18/2021 2Recommend

    “French spring kiss” would be my pet name because something about the spring beautiful just like these contacts

  • Ali··· 02/18/2021 4Recommend

    My pet name would be Mon étoile which is French for my star

  • Pea··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Goldie, like my beloved retriever! Rather self explanatory :)

  • Jen··· 02/18/2021 2Recommend

    My pet name for the lens would be goldiee, sounds cute and is a savior

  • Kat··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    Mon rêve, it's french for "my dream" since the lenses give you a dreamy look

  • Kaw··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    My dog is a American Labrador Retriever and his name is dusty.

  • Cas··· 02/18/2021 4Recommend

    I think the nickname Honey Suckle is so cute because when I think of these lenses I think of honey and honey bees

  • yeu··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    I got a pet named

  • Pen··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    My pet name would be “Goldstar” because they have an ethereal light to them and shine like stars

  • Lyn··· 02/18/2021 2Recommend

    Maybe Fiana which sounds very fairy like like th model in this picture.

  • Lar··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    "Petite Francie" would be a cute rhyming pet name for the lense

  • Mei··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    I think “Fairy” may be a good name for French gold 3 con !

  • Kyl··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    I would call it, French Kiss

  • She··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    I think maybe.... Genie? I think of ancient Egypt or Aladdin whenever I see gold colors

  • Est··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    From the picture above I got cutie fruity,hazelnut roast,kiwi spike according from left to right

  • Reb··· 02/18/2021 1Recommend

    My pet name for French Gold 3Con is Halo!
    It reminds me of the golden hoop on top of an angel, glowing and ethereal ❤️

  • Viv··· 02/18/2021 3Recommend

    Please give the pet-name names JanJan. I’m born in January, if I have a pet, I’ll called my pet JanJan

  • Evg··· 02/18/2021 3Recommend

    I would name them Francis or Fresca

  • Hao··· 02/18/2021 4Recommend

    “Francie” will be a perfect pet name for French gold 3 con :)