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  • Ari··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    i love olens! they have the most comfortable lens ever! its amazingly affordable too <3

  • Mic··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I really love OLENS! I used their lenses for my week of cosplays for Halloween.

  • Sha··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I love their contacts, so comfortable and affordable. I have astigmatism (not too bad like -1 and -.75) and they are so natural looking and I'm able to see nicely.

  • Ang··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Olens was the first company that I tried colored contact lenses. They're so comfortable! delivery is quick and I enjoy the sale they have! Thank you!

  • Jia··· 11/26/2020

    Secret comment

  • Jia··· 11/26/2020 4Recommend

    This is my first time decide to wear lens and I choose olens to be my first experience . It is a trustworthy and great product for the customers. I’m really looking forward to receive the parcel next few weeks. Well done!

  • Jin··· 11/26/2020

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  • Van··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Love olens, my new favorite lenses to wear! Natural colors are the best too!

  • Mar··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Olen lens are comfortable and stock are always available! One of the best contact lens in the market!

  • Zhi··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Have been using OLENS for a few years! It’s the most comfy lens I’ve ever worn and I will continue using it! ❤️

  • Yin··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Thank you for making the most comfortable lenses I’ve ever worn, they’re SO beautiful and they make me feel so much more beautiful and confident!! <3

  • Reb··· 11/26/2020

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  • Chr··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Have been using OLENS for a couple of months and I’m totally in love with it! Photos taken with OLENS were all so perfect!

  • Wen··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Love their contacts! I get many questions and compliments whenever I wear their contacts!

  • Ufa··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    The best contacts ever! Super comfortable, and I always get compliment when I'm wearing them! My fav have to be spanish circle gray.

  • Efi··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Best contacts in the world ❤️. Affordable and comfortable to wear

  • Joy··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    You guys make the best color contacts I always buy a bunch when I'm in korea. Thank you always

  • LT··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Olens lenses have really upped my aesthetic! Sometimes they even make the whole look!

  • Hui··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    great and fancy contact lens from korea. The lense is comfortable

  • Kor··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I love the contacts that you make, they are truly beautiful and I look forward to new releases.

  • Mic··· 11/26/2020

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  • Jen··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I was introduced to opens by my niece last year and I've been a loyal customer since! I've also started introducing this to my friends as the lenses are beautiful and amazingly comfortable.

  • Gab··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I started using olens last year and I haven't stopped! I always get compliments when I wear the vivi ring lenses in Choco ❤️

  • Jan··· 11/26/2020

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  • joa··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Super love olens!!! Used this brand and never changed because its so affordable and looks so good!!! A loyal customer for years ❤️

  • Tif··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    heard this was a good brand!!!! I cant wait to try them out!!!!

  • Bor··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I am using OLENS almost 10 yrs. This is my favorite. Thanks for coming to my life ;)

  • And··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Olens are really something else, the brand that I trust so far, and it’s the most beautiful lenses ever

  • Amy··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Olens is such a great place for simple and natural contacts. As someone who doesn't wear contacts often, olens provides comfortable contacts that look great and makes me want to wear them often!

  • Lis··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I’ve heard great things from my friends so finally made my first purchased and I’m super excited to try them out.

  • Ine··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I love anna sui contacts! So far, they are the only ones that fits me perfectly and not too dry .

  • Ava··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Olens completely changed my life. I have two different eye colors and for the longest time I hated how they made me look but now I’ve learned to love my eyes and change them up from time to time. Thank you Olens.

  • Say··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    The lenses are super pretty. I bought a few pairs and I really like them

  • Ces··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    The most realistic contacts I’ve tried. I really love Olens’s products, their Scandi and Spanish collection stand undefeated compared to other colored contact sellers. Not to mention that they have very good offers too. Great company!

  • Min··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I love love love olens but please have a sale on the Purspur lens!!

  • Mik··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Love all the pairs I’ve purchased so far!

  • Reg··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I just placed my first order with olens 2 days ago during the black friday sale, after hearing great reviews from my close friends. I would love to win so I can let my sisters try out their pretty lenses too (we have different degrees so we can’t share the same lenses).

  • Nel··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    I've never used olens lenses. But I really want to try

  • ang··· 11/26/2020 0Recommend

    Favourite lens ever. Super comfortable and good range of choices.

  • Taj··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love your contacts they are the best and super amazing. Thank you olens! Just purchased more.

  • Mic··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Thank you Olens! Have been using your lenses for the past few months and they are incredibly comfortable to wear, not drying at all!

  • Fer··· 11/25/2020 1Recommend

    Thank you Olens for such great contacts! I dont use any other brand but yours!

  • Ikr··· 11/25/2020

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  • das··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Thank you Olens for having a lot of options in contact lens!! I don’t have to ask my family to send me contact lens from korea anymore:)

  • Chr··· 11/25/2020

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  • Roy··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I'm obsessed with looking at pictures of the Olens and would love to try them. They are beautiful!

  • Jul··· 11/25/2020

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  • Dan··· 11/25/2020

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  • Lek··· 11/25/2020

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  • Cla··· 11/25/2020

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  • Nel··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love olens so much! I've been using olens since 5 years ago and have tried many of the lenses. My favourite would be 3con Lavender Gold. I've always been restocking when I go back to Korea but due to the pandemic, I haven't been able to restock them. I love Olens!!!! <3

  • Eun··· 11/25/2020 3Recommend

    i have been eyeing olens for so long and cant decide because all the colors look sooo good

  • Jas··· 11/25/2020

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  • Nat··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Thank you for being the best coloured lens brand! The colours are all super unique and I love that they look pretty good with a lot of Asian style eyes!

  • Vik··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I've tried a few coloured lenses on the market and none came out right. They either didn't suit my eye colour and some made my eyes looked strange but when I ordered some from OLENS they looked fantastic on, they looked natural and I loved them. I would definitely buy from them again.

  • Den··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens was the first company I ordered colored contacts from so it holds a special place in my heart. The customer service is also good and the delivery is quick. And obviously the lenses are great!❤️❤️

  • Shi··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I have been using the coral grey lenses and I am so in love with them. Recently bought the spanish real peach, spanish grey and the caribe 3con pink, cant wait to try them! I really love the designs by Olens

  • chi··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    started my journey of wearing contact lenses with olens so it shows that i really love the brand ♡

  • Jas··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I'm in love with all Scandi colors, Ive rebought them 3 times. Always been ordering from Olens since I started wearing lenses❤️ Never gotten disappointed by Olens.

  • Min··· 11/25/2020

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  • Lee··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love olens! My favourite series are Spanish and the new Scandi!

  • 思議··· 11/25/2020

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  • hil··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    i love olens so much! previously tried out coloured lenses from other stores and all my friends said i look scary because they enlarge my eyes too much :( but with olens, my eyes look so much more natural and prettier!

  • Jih··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    The only color lens I purchase and wear is Olens :)
    Thank you so much for all that you do!!

  • Agi··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I have small eyes and are aftaid to try colour contact lenses because of the enlargement effect everything changed since i discovered olens spanish real and now scandi olens are basically the only contact lenses brand I trust

  • che··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I have been bought from olens for 5 years, the quality is getting better and better, I have just tried its international delivery to France these days . Quite convenient and quick shipping. But I still Waite for 20 p of scandi olive. (On the site there was just 10 p )

  • Tif··· 11/25/2020

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  • Del··· 11/25/2020

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  • Joa··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    My favorite lens brand, no other tops Olens!!<3 The Scandi and Spanish collections are by far the best natural colored lenses I've ever tried!

  • And··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Honestly Olens is the only place I am willing to buy my lens from

  • Kim··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens will forever be the only place i order contacts from!! Love from Canada! ❤️

  • Cha··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I have tried every coloured contact lens under the sun and Olens by far is the most comfortable, most natural, and most colourfully diverse lens merchant that I know. I always get complemented on the colour of my eyes without people knowing that I am wearing contacts! Will always vouch for Olens❤️

  • 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Thank you so much for designing soft, pretty, viable contact lens. It enhanced my features and boosted my confidence without costing my comfort. I will always stick to Olens, and I will recommend it to everyone I know!

  • Jol··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens is an incredible contact lens brand and the quality is always amazing! The lenses are so pretty and look so good on any eye depending on what style you want. Definitely a good brand to purchase from!

  • Aal··· 11/25/2020

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  • Sar··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Dear Olens,

    I have heard only good reviews about your lenses and I’ve really wanted to try some for a while now, but I’m short on money. That’s why this would be an amazing opportunity for me to try out how good they really are! I’m super excited to get to know your product and share it with ot

  • Jin··· 11/25/2020

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  • Whi··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    First time I bought Olens was in Korea and I'M IN LOVE WITH OLENS!!!! I love French Kiss, Vivi and Blossom series!!! ❤❤❤

  • Tay··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I've always wanted to try coloured contacts, and I always get recommendations for OLENS for the pretty colours and high quality lenses!!

  • Sar··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love Olens. I tried so many color contact lens in Thailand. Its never fit my eye until I use Olens which my friend bought it for me from HK to try. Then I become fan of Olens. I would be blind without Olens. Love it can't live without OLENS.

  • Nga··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I went to Korea every 6months and every time I would visit Olens Store and buy contact lenses. However, I come to Australia to study and due to COVID-19, I cannot buy it in Korea. So I bought it on this official website. The contact lenses are very comfortable and fit my eyes perfectly.

  • Jan··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I'm excited to purchase and try the products. I have always looked for a place to shop contact lenses and finally found this website. The colors looks amazing and beautiful.

  • And··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    i love olense but is too poor to buy any. this would make me come one step closer to be able to order your lenses. olens has the best colored contacts!

  • Sta··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Always purchase when I travel to Korea, happy that the website is having such a good promo for us to still be able to enjoy Olens when the time we cannot travel.

  • Anq··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I have been wearing colored contact lenses for a decade since my teenage years and I have switched between numerous brands to find the most comfortable fit. I always thought that cosmetic lenses would be less comfortable than clear ones until I tried Olens. They are the most, comfortable lenses!

  • Fan··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I wanna got these adorable lenses, they are just gorgeous. Unfortunately I couldn’t buy any of them, cause my mom doesn’t allow me but it online. So i really wanna win these to show my mom how nice these are

  • Sho··· 11/25/2020

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  • Joe··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Loving how the lens looked so natural ans most importantly it doesn’t dry up or irritate my eyes! Olens is definitely my go-to!

  • Vvi··· 11/25/2020 1Recommend

    Thank you for creating natural looking coloured lenses with small diameter! And they are comfortable too. Thumbs up!

  • Mic··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I started wearing olens contact lenses this year and am absolutely in love. They are comfortable and look great! I’m forever buying from olens.

  • Che··· 11/25/2020

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  • YUJ··· 11/25/2020

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  • Jon··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Checking in~! Hope to win this giveaway from OLENS. I've both both the monthly and daily series and I still love the daily series as they are so pretty

  • APR··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I wanna win affordable colored lenses !! Russian velvet looks really good

  • Lam··· 11/25/2020

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  • Kay··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I started wearing olens contact lenses this year and am absolutely in love. They are comfortable and look great! I’m forever buying from olens.

  • Meg··· 11/25/2020

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  • Cha··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I bought lenses for the first time on Olens with my friend. I struggled to put them on and off at first, but now that I know how to do it, I can say I love them! They're super comfy, and the color was just as expected, even with my dark eyes! I'll order more of them soon!!

  • ANI··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I tried Olens this past year and fell completely in love with Olens. I am forever an Olens Fan!!

  • Yuj··· 11/25/2020 3Recommend

    After trying my cousin's Olens for the first time, I immediately loved how it looked on my eye, that I ordered my first kit on the spot. I got a lot of compliments afterward, and it's just so comfortable wearing it on a daily basis that I bought more recently and even for my friends to try it out.

  • Gab··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Purchase few lens during 11.11 sales but have yet to tried their lenses yet however have been hearing my friends raving about how comfy their lens is! can't wait to try it out :

  • Ade··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens are affordable, beautiful and comfortable to wear! Go-to brand for contact lenses

  • Min··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Love Olens!! We all know how hard to get such amazing colorful contact lens in the US.
    Besides, awesome UI design, user-friendly shopping experience provided.
    Keep Growing market and bring more contact lens please!!

  • Ver··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I have been experiencing eye irritations using other contact lens brands, after switching to Olens the problem is gone! Thanks to Olens and my friend who recommended this to me!

  • Jen··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love OLENS because it gives me a light feeling whenever I wear it! Its colored contacts are also great to Filipinas!

  • Jas··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I really like and enjoy OLENS for an everyday look to getting all dress up. No matter the occasion ther e an OLENS leans i can wear for it. There so comfortable, easy to use, and they look amazing on you. ❤️

  • Sar··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love olens !! I’ve always wanted to try colored contacts but i’ve always been scared about getting ones that might damage my eyes. These ones feel amazing and look amazing!!

  • Sop··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    i'm so excited for my first pair of colored lenses! I cant wait until they come in!

  • Jaz··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I've been so excited to finally buy OLens after years of youtubers and kpop idols wearing them, can't wait to receive them! thank you for the seamless process and the great black friday deal <3

  • gen··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I really love olens, it’s so smooth and I feel so pretty after I wear them. It accomplished my dream of changing eye color.

  • Agn··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens are just so beautiful and comfortable to wear and they always arrive right before i need them!!

  • Tif··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I have been using many different lens brands but really in love with Olens at the first time. After using Olens I never think of trying anything else because I know I will only using Olens from now on.

  • Chr··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Love my new eyes!! Thank you guys so much. Thesr make me feel beautiful. Ill never wear any others.

  • Akr··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I'm waiting for my order to arrive. Can't wait. 5 pairs of 1 month, black Friday promo. <3<3<3
    Expected some gifts hehehehe

  • Viv··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I absolutely LOVE Olens! Hope to win this :) Best colored contact brand by far. I love how it looks amazing in my eyes and gives me such a boost in confidence!

  • Joy··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens is the first brand that I've tried with coloured contacts and I don't think I'll ever switch ♡

  • Pa ··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens have the best eye contacta in thw industry. I love how there are so much variety

  • tri··· 11/25/2020 1Recommend

    i’ve always wanted a pair of lenses ever since i saw blackpink wearing them, i FINALLY ordered them a few months ago and i’m in LOVE!!

  • Pap··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Thank you for all the hard work you guys have done to create these beautiful contact lens with safety and comfort for us customers

  • Jol··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I've been wanting to try out Olens for the longest time! I've seen my friends wear Olens contacts and it always looks so good on them :) The colours and designs are so pretty and I've heard great reviews about the lens!

  • Far··· 11/25/2020

    Secret comment

  • Jes··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I’ve been a huge fan of olens for past years and this is my first time participating in a raffle! I’m so excited!

  • Jud··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love olens lenses. They're the only lenses I trust enough to wear, be comfortable, and stylish all at the same time!

  • YC··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Looking forward to trying out the russian velvet series finally!

  • Luc··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    love the contacts! Almost all are very comfortable and look natural!

  • Ang··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Really love the wide variety of colors offered by Olens! I enjoyed wearing the aqua gold monthly contacts a lot :)

  • lih··· 11/25/2020

    Secret comment

  • CAR··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Well, waiting for my first pair of olens. I'm going to love it!!!

  • Can··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Just bought my first batch of Olens, can't wait to receive them! Very excited

  • Nur··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    The first time i bought olens when my trip to korea in 2017 and until this day i keep buying it. Most comfortable lens i ever wear and have variety lenses to choose from. I want to try them all

  • Nic··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Can't wait to receive my contacts. Watch Tina on Youtube and she looks great wearing them!

  • Min··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    OLens is the BEST place to get colored contacts! Super pretty and natural looking colors!!

  • Wee··· 11/25/2020

    Secret comment

  • Fre··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    The colours are extremely amazing. My eyes are dry and I get irritation easily, but since i have known Olens, they just moisturize my eyes so well. Love it !!!

  • Per··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love all the contacts that olens has my cousin bought me some lenses from here and I love them

  • Jen··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Thank you Olens for making such comfortable and beautiful lenses. I really love using them to change up my look, and I never thought about eye styling and what that might mean before trying them. Thank you!

  • Had··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    OLens is the best store for circle lens! Thank you for always providing such great prices and colors!

  • Kyl··· 11/25/2020

    Secret comment

  • Ann··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    thank you for your attention to customers, quick answers to our questions, interesting promotions and new positions to buy.
    you sell products that allow me to feel comfortable and see this world clearly every day

  • Liz··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens is literally the best contacts I've ever used and they don't dry out my eyes! My current obsession is the scandi collection~

  • Cla··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Can’t wait to try more olens, on my first try using it I fell in love especially I play volleyball and train all the time so I needed contact lenses that won’t dry out and irritate my eyes

  • Tom··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    OLENS has the best coloured contacts ever!!!! None have disappointed.

  • Mer··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    really love olens! just bought more lenses recently and i added some new ones and i cant wait to try them :)

  • Ivy··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I wear contacts every day and am about to buy two pairs from Olens. It's so hard to decide which to buy as all are so pretty!!

  • Jen··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    help I'm addicted. I purchased $100 worth of lenses last week I don't even have that many eyes...

  • Cam··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I can’t wait to try more of Olens’ styles! I’m currently going through my order and can’t wait to restock. ☺️

  • Kar··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    My favourite contact lenses are always from Olens as the designs and comfort are amazing.

  • Joc··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Thank you Olens for constantly creating such soft and pretty contact lens designs suitable for every occasion - from everyday use to special events. Ever since I started using Olens, I was not able to switch to any other brands! None can compare with the designs and comfort from Olens.

  • kat··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Hopefully I can try your lenses! Reading the reviews, I think that they are amazing. Hoping to purchase some pairs soon for daily use once face to face classes starts❤️

  • Kha··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    So hard to decide which pair to buy there are so many options to choose from.

  • She··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Been wearing lens for more than a decade but try other brand at all as I got super sensitive eyes. Been introduce to Olens by 1 of my friend and now I’m falling in love to it!! Totally no irritation for me with Olens!

  • Sai··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I am glad I saw an Olens advertisement on social media. I don’t regret purchasing contact lenses from here. Thank you.

  • Nao··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Best styling and comfort level!! :))))) Got more than 10 pairs AT HOME for myself and nice gifts for my friends~

  • Mic··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens was my first pair of coloured contacts and will always be my brand. I never buy any other contacts other than Olens. I’ve preached about these to my friends and followers. Love y’all so much tysm!!

  • Tha··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens is always my favorite lens brand. They have the quality that I trust too much, and I am willing to recommend Olens to everyone!!!

  • kim··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens is by far the best colored contact lens I have worn. The brand has so much quality and style, I don't think any other can compete.

  • Pri··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love Olens! Comfortable and natural. Spanish brown and Scandi Hazel are my faves!

  • Gab··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love Olens! Comfort and style - what more could I ask for?

  • Jes··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens is my absolute favorite colored contacts brand! I feel confident wearing Olens and recommended it to all my friends!!

  • Rac··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I don’t wear contacts often but when I do, olens are my favorite!!! The contacts are so pretty and they’re super comfortable to wear!

  • Fel··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Has always been a huge fan of olens, def recommend their lense. Super comfortable and good looking

  • ELI··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Just got my first order today and I love them! They are comfortable, natural and very easy to put on and take off! The packaging was very sturdy as well!

  • Jen··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Olens is my recommended contact lenses as they're comfortable. Also, their designs are more suited to my tastes and often look natural

  • Tzu··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    My friends have recommended me these colored lenses and I just put my order last night!
    Looking forward to receiving them and trying them on!

  • Kie··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I’ve never used contact lenses before and I’m so excited to receive my first pair from OLens!

  • Cry··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Love Olens! I was wondering- is there a way to be able to get different perscriptions in the same bundle?

  • Kou··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I really love Olens eye contacts, especially for a nearly dark eyes like mine! Eye colors I tried stand out very well! From Olens contact lenses, it’s more comfortable than other contacts Ienses I purchased aside. Bless you and thanks for making me feel confident with your products!♥️♥️

  • Kar··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    My sister and I LOVE OLENS! The colours are amazing and I love the collaboration with Black Pink! Looking forward to more designs from OLENS! :)

  • Jas··· 11/25/2020

    Secret comment

  • Xia··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Really like olens. Wish u guys can have more high eye power contacts!

  • Ash··· 11/25/2020 2Recommend

    Hi, I’m a new fan and I simply can’t wait and try my new lens.

  • Kik··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Simply love the brand and really wanted to try them since long time ago but never got the chance so hope this time will be my first

  • Ash··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Just received my parcel from Olens. So exited !! Very nice packaging btw !!

  • Nan··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    OLENS is my favorite place to get contact lenses! They are extremely comfortable and very cute!

  • wan··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    love love love!the best contacts and extremely comfortable..the prissiest!

  • Iri··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I am always been a fan of you contactlenses and i really love incorporating your contactlenses to my makeup tutorial and shoots. I really love the quality of your product even it is affordable but the quality is super worth it!!!! Hope to bless your company more and more more blessings to come !!!

  • Nan··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I am from Korea and i’ve tried many contact lenses. Olens has most pretty and NATURAL contacts I’ve ever had. And it’s so comfortable. I really recommend this brand. My favorite is Viviring Brown monthly.

  • PEI··· 11/25/2020

    Secret comment

  • Ana··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    i miss the 1st week... is there any miracle to got lucky prize... hiks...

  • Haz··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Love Olens lenses. So comfy even long hours of wearing.
    My must have item on my list.

  • Tyl··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    So many pretty lenses to get

  • Gra··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    This is my first time trying out lenses in general. I never got the change to get unless until last month. It would be great if I can try out different lenses so I can buy some in the future and htese lenses are the MOST COMFORTABLE lenses that I tried when I first got mine.

  • Noe··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love the way the contacts are natural but yet exotic. Exotic as in it makes your eyes stand out. I would highly recommend this brand to anyone!

  • Ann··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I'm waiting to get my new contact prescription to try contacts from olens

  • Ste··· 11/25/2020

    Secret comment

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    I love the Russian Gold dailies~ got a whole bunch via the Black Friday deal. I used to love the monthlies, but they started to burn TERRIBLY in my eyes after 1 use.

  • Gig··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love it! The colour was so amazing and was very comfortable!

  • Ren··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I just bought one year supple off contact lens and I can’t wait to try all different colours!!

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    Prettiest high quality contact lenses and amazing customer service :)

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    Yasss the most comfy contact lenses I’ve worn ever!!! Would highly recommend these lenses to anyone who uses them!!!

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    Ah I wish I knew about Olens earlier! But really excited now to try the contacts!

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    I have been wanting Olens for the longest but couldn't purchase any before so pretty nice to see this event

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    Hi :)
    This looks like a cool event, let’s see if I’ll get lucky

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    I've bought lenses from olens a while ago and I absolutely loved them. Everyone kept asking me about them so I told them about olens and once they bought them they lived them as well! I don't know when I'm going to buy them again though, since I can't afford them.

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    I love Olens, I use a lot of diff brands for my contacts and so far Olens is my go-to because of how lightweight and natural it looks.

  • Den··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Love the Spanish, Scandi and Peony lens! Can’t wait for new designs and colours :)

  • Sab··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I love your lenses, especially Russian Grey, they are so pretty. Restocking again!!!

  • Sal··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Thank you for great lenses

  • Cel··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I just got my 4 pairs from the buy one get one free deal. The contacts arrived quickly, faster than I expected during this time. I have larger pupils than usual, so I can't wear regular color contacts as they hinder my sight. I'm so glad I found many options here that fit my requirements.

  • Ste··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Best contacts I have ever tried! Will definitely be staying with OLENS for life!!

  • Eli··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I'm new to OLENS, so I can't wait to start trying some of your contacts! I've started using contacts just recently and I absolutely love the color options and styles that you guys have, they're always being recommended to me. Keep up the amazing work ❤

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    olens never fails to give me the best deals on the most beautiful lens !! thankful for you olens — y’all are the best lens vendor~

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    I bought from olensglobal recently,it was my first purchase. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning about the delivery and handling of the order. However, to my surprise, everything was so well managed. I received my lenses in good condition and not to mention the lenses are amazing! Thanks Olens :)

  • Ami··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I've been a fan of OLENS for a year, and more to come as OLENS is my go-to contact lens. Soft, comfortable and beautiful designs too. I hope to see more in terms of new designs, new products and maybe more promotion?

  • Chl··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    love!!! the!! lens!! never going back will purchase again! i feel like a fairy hahahaha

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    Recently purchased from Olens after being introduced by my friends. They arrived within a week. They are comfortable on the eyes and the colours and the look of the lenses are gorgeous too. I’m happy with the lenses I got and will definitely purchase again to try other varieties olens offers!

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    olens have the best contacts!! extremely comfortable as well LOVE LOVE LOVE

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    Have enjoyed all the lenses i've bought from Olens. They are comfortable to wear and have a wide range of designs and graphic size, which makes it suitable for both natural and enlarging lens users. Thank you!

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    really just the best place to buy good quality contact lenses for decent prices. they are really soft on eyes and makes it look so good as well as so prettyyyyy. glad found this website as didn't want to spend money on something cheap and would eventually affect my eyes. thank you so much <3

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    Absolutely my favorite contacts brand! Comfortable and affordable at the same time !

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    Olens has my absolute favourite contacts, they're all super natural and comfortable!

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    The only len I will ever need is from olens. The perfect lens for everyone !!!!

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    I’ve bought a couple of Olens contacts & they’re all amazingly pigmented & comfortable, nothing but greatness !

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    I've had a huge trouble finding natural colored contacts that include my prescription. OLens has finally been that website! Its now my go-to site and I recommend it to anyone who asks about my lenses. Love you guys!

  • Maj··· 11/25/2020 1Recommend

    I absolutely love the Spanish Real color collection. Since I first tried it in 2018, it has always been my regular daily contact lenses. It's very comfortable to wear. My current favorite is Spanish Real Peach, the color is so pretty and natural. People can't tell if I'm wearing one or not ❤❤❤

  • Sar··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    i’ve always wanted to get a collection of olens lenses, they look so natural and look so pretty!

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    Bought Spanish real sky and it was super comfy and good looking! My frds said my eyes looked so pretty!

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    I love how natural it looks on me. All colors are nice and soft in the eyes! ❤️

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    Love how natural-looking and comfortable they are, they can really change up your look and emphasize any style you're going for!

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    I'm looking for something beautiful and cute to go back to school with.

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    Really hope there are more viviring variations or similar lens, hehehe

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    I'm looking for creative yet natural looking lenses that would help my eyes to stand out. I've bought a handful of lenses recently from Olens and I'm excited to try them out and compare them with the ones I'm currently using.

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    Absolutely love the lens I bought! Will definitely come back and buy more!

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    Beautiful lenses, my first contact lenses ever, recommended by Tina Yong. Thanks!

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    I’m excited to try the Scandi olive lens during the Black Friday sale!

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    I love Olens! Their contacts are really comfy and they have such pretty lenses <3

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    Recently received my monthly and daily contacts including new colors. Honestly, my first contact lenses was from OLENS and I am pretty amazed by the quality it provides. I can say I will continue to stick to OLENS. :)

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    I bought my first Olens last year in December with the help of a friend and I loved it soo much !!! The colour was Symphony Green and it was so comfortable and amazing.

  • Emi··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    My favorite are the scandi grey!! They're so pretty, I absolutely love grey eye contacts <3

  • Lau··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    The Russian green velvet are my absolute favourite! They are super comfy to wear and really brightens my eyes!!

  • Des··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    The symphony green are my favorite pair to wear. I feel very confident sexy and attractive when I wear them. Also they are the pair of contacts I get the most compliments!

  • Lis··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Been wearing coloured contact lens from Olen’s for a while now and I am LOVING it!!

  • Jas··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I bought my first Olens contacts a while back! They have such great colors and prescriptions! Different styles ranging from casual to extremely unique designs. They really made a great first impression on wearing colored contacts<3 Hope you enjoy yours too! I bought the green and stone gray colors:)

  • Con··· 11/25/2020

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    My go to is Scandi olive and island gray!
    Still so many to try hope they do more specials !!

  • kat··· 11/25/2020

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    I Love the daily scandi line! They are so comfy and pretty!

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    I really really love scandi olive! It looks so natural and so gentle!

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    just bought my new olens! I am excited to try them when they arrive.

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    I’d love to have daily scandi olive in 20 pcs package!
    Those look great on my eyes and want to buy more.

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    my favourite lenses are the scandi grey !! i would love to more experiment with in the future .

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    'It's black' is and always be my favorite contact lenses, I love it more than I can express. I will keep buying forever!!

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    I love the selection that Olens offers! I honestly have loved every pair I’ve gotten. Not only are they comfortable but all the colors I’ve picked compliment my natural brown eye color.

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    My favourite go to place for contact lenses. Love it! Awaiting more promos

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    I didn’t know about olens till my friend told me about it and ever since then I have been buying them!! Really comfortable and the colours are nice too!! Will definitely continue to buy in the future :))

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    I Love how olen is look natural on my eyes. Thanks for a special offer :)

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    This sale is so good! Customer service from OLENS is always fast too! :)

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    I just love how you guys can make lenses different kinds to cater to different needs. Sometimes natural and sometimes wild

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    First contacts I ever tried truly the best super comfortable

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    Olens really makes the most beautiful contact lenses for every occasion and girl (:

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    Olens has the best contacts ever. I have dry eyes and have tried so many different brands but Olens beats them all by a long shot. They are the only contacts i’ve used for the last three years! Love them!

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    Always love the olens contacts - so comfy and cute! My go-to coloured lens!!

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    Love the contacts! comfy and affordable! forever going to order them and recommend as well.

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    Love Love OLENS!! I hope you offer more promos and color selections

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    Thank you for these giveaways. you are really the best at contact lenses. hope to win❤️

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    Please host more giveaways and support
    Smaller influencers ✨

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    THE COMFI-EST contacts I've ever worn with natural looking colors <3

  • Su ··· 11/25/2020

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    Why is 5.25 degree not available?thid means i can no longer buy your lense.it makes me sad

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    Best place for contacts! I love this site and always recommend ! forever my choice for contacts!

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    I'm so glad to have found olens years ago. I always get my lenses from here & love all the different styles. Thank you Olens!!

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    I love the colors of the Russian Velvet lenses. They are the most pigmented contacts which is perfect for my dark brown eyes!

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    excited for lens! beautiful colors to choose from. everything is priced well

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    O-Lens has always been my go-to brand for coloured lenses! Its always so comfy with great and quality customer service. Thank you for all these fun events! Stay safe and healthy to all the O-lens staffs and everyone globally!

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    Thank you so much for providing high quality lenses and great customer service!

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    You guys always make sure your customers are first whether it be through the email customer service or even social media. I always feel warm approaching you guys for anything!

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    Thanks Olens! I hope you will always have a very basic and natural looking circle lens like the "Its Black" as part of your line up. Of course, I love your other ranges too. However, sometimes it's good to have something minimalistic. Also, it's good to see the lower minimum spend for free shipping.

  • Che··· 11/22/2020

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    First time to try Olens lenses this year and it's now my go-to brand! Thank you for the commitment to quality ❤️

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    Thank you Olens for being my go to brand for quality, natural looking and beautiful contact lenses since I started wearing them a year ago, will keep supporting you guys!

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    It was a great experience for me for the first time trying contacts. Lenses at OLENS are perfect, love all! I will keep buying!!!

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    I'm really glad to have found Olens as it's one of the best and most trustworthy sites for contact lenses! It makes me very happy to have somewhere that I can reliably come for great quality contacts and service. :)

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    Thank you so much to bring tons of pretty contact lens! Can't wait to see more!

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    I would like to thank OLens for being such a trustworthy and amazing brand! Your products are of the best quality and in many varieties, which I simply love! You also have fun competitions like these <3 I hope OLens and the amazing OLens staff stay happy and healthy! (^v^)

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    Thank you OLENS for creating the chance to be creative with our eyes! The details in every eye lens is done through care and love, and we really appreciate it <3
    Stay happy and healthy everyone!

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