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  • Sul··· 08/19/2019 0Recommend

    I chose 4 but I don’t now why

  • Sul··· 08/19/2019 0Recommend

    I chose 4 but I don’t now why

  • Yu ··· 08/14/2019

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  • Mar··· 08/14/2019 0Recommend

    I choose number 2 cause it's really important information that sometimes we forget and shows that you care about who buy your produtcs

  • Cat··· 08/13/2019

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  • Mic··· 08/13/2019

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  • Tha··· 08/13/2019

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  • Jin··· 08/13/2019

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  • Ali··· 08/13/2019

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  • Ang··· 08/12/2019

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  • Gin··· 08/11/2019

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  • Mat··· 08/10/2019

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  • iva··· 08/10/2019

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  • Suh··· 08/09/2019 0Recommend

    I love the O-lab comparison because it allows me to imagine how the lenses would look like on my eyes since I have dark brown eyes like the model's.

  • Viv··· 08/09/2019

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  • May··· 08/09/2019 0Recommend

    I really liked the O-Lab Comparison, #1! Personally, I don't know much about contact diameters so it was helpful to see how different they were. In the future it would be nice to learn about different types of contacts like 3 color vs 2 color vs 1 and their different effects on the eye.

  • Ner··· 08/09/2019

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  • Lin··· 08/08/2019

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  • Car··· 08/08/2019 0Recommend

    I like the promos the best! I just discovered olens recently so the promos definitely made it easier for me to make a purchase. When you have BOGOs or discounts on lens, I'm able to try out new colours--colours that normally I would not risk haha.

  • Yas··· 08/08/2019 0Recommend

    All of the above! But having to choose just one, I'd say No.2 Eye Care Information because I just started out wearing contact lenses this year and I'm completely clueless about it, and being the worrywart I am of damaging my eyes, I would like to say a big fat thank you to O-Lens for these info.

  • Ami··· 08/08/2019 0Recommend

    I would have to say No.4 Promo Alarm caught my eyes. I am a fan of OLENS products and definitely would be checking back on this site to see if I can stock up on my lenses.
    This is a good idea that I would recommend for OLENS staff to continue, for both current and new fans who come here.

  • Mar··· 08/07/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No. 4 Promo Alarm! For me, content such as promotions like these gets the best interest from many people. I’m a loyal OLENS user and I always check your facebook page or website to see if there are new promotions. And when there is one, damage is always done on my credit card hehehehe

  • Cla··· 08/07/2019

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  • She··· 08/07/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No.1 O-Lab Comparison. I've always had to open serveral tabs to compare the lenses, but with this feature, it's a lot easier to see the comparisons. A new feature I would like to see is which lenses fit different eye shapes the best!

  • Dap··· 08/07/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No.3 Trendy Style. When I see the OLENS contact lenses and how well it matches the makeup look, it always make me want to buy the same one as the celebrities.

  • Sno··· 08/06/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No. 2 Eye Care Information because I love that O-LENS wants to spread trustworthy information. I am very happy they make the posts because it shows they care about their customers and want everybody to be safe and have healthy habits when using contact lens to protect our precious eyes.

  • Ell··· 08/06/2019 0Recommend

    I would choose no. 4 promo alarm because I feel that promotions are always great ways for new customers to try the lens out and for old customers to stock up on their favorites. I know for sure that I started shopping at O-Lens because of the promotions available!

  • Eli··· 08/06/2019

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  • Yue··· 08/05/2019 0Recommend

    My heart goes to no.4 promo alarm! What better time to stock up on O-Lens with special promotion, at the same time, try on variations of lens offered on this site. Could definitely use the $20 giveaway my next check out, who’s with me?!

  • Anh··· 08/05/2019 0Recommend

    I choose promo alarm because who doesn't like a good deal. I was able to try more colors and style thanks to promotion

  • Amy··· 08/05/2019

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  • Fel··· 08/05/2019 0Recommend

    I choose no.1, O-LAB Comparison!
    I really like how it shows details of the lenses, at the same time comparing one lens design to another. This makes choosing the type of design and colour easier among so many lens designs especially when I am really particular about how it will look on me.

  • si ··· 08/05/2019

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  • Vic··· 08/05/2019 0Recommend

    I choose no.1, lab comparison because it allows for many lenses to be viewed and copared at once. They also stood out to me because of the difference between each one made it seem unique.

  • Che··· 08/04/2019 0Recommend

    I chose 4 promo alarm, I always come to shop according to the promotions on the website, and just get lots in a time, but also I would like to know the details of different kind of contacts as I always like to get the bigger one.

  • Kal··· 08/04/2019 0Recommend

    I choose no.1, O-LAB Comparison
    Because I can see how the lens look like by itself, compare it with other similar lens to see the difference and then make a selection for my purchase. It is also very convenient as compared to searching for each lens in different pages or tabs on mobile devices.

  • Wan··· 08/04/2019

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  • Haz··· 08/04/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No. 4 Promo Alarm.
    I love olens so much that I have to plan out which ones to get now and which ones to get for the next purchase. So the promo alarms really help me out with my purchase decisions! :D

  • Tam··· 08/04/2019 0Recommend

    No.4 Promo Alarm stood out to me the most! The idea of receiving crazy promotions really makes me so happy as I know there will be good deals! Who doesn’t love sales right ? ;)

  • Dia··· 08/04/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No.1 O-LAB Comparison. This helps me so much because I can see the difference between the different items and I can choose the ones that fit what I am looking for! Sometimes I discover new products on the O-LAB Comparison and I try it too!

  • XUE··· 08/04/2019

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  • Ze ··· 08/04/2019 0Recommend

    I choose no.1! I love how OLENS are shown in comparison so we can see the difference directly in detail! This makes it easier for me to decide which lens I would prefer!!

  • Yay··· 08/04/2019 0Recommend

    I love seeing the O-LAB comparisons so i can get an idea of how the new lines look without going to find it in store

  • Jes··· 08/04/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No.2 Eye care Information because eventhough the lens is moisturizing and harmless however if you do not provide any good eye-care for yourself especially for sensitive consumer, it is hard to take comfortable. O-lens can try to provide own multi-solution to make the lens become

  • Jes··· 08/03/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No.4, OLENS always has good promotions and I'm so tempted to purchase when I see them on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Pin··· 08/03/2019 0Recommend

    I love no. 1! Sometimes we tend to forget how one design look like when we see too many designs. The comparison chart help us to decide swiftly and easily!

  • Jae··· 08/03/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No.4 Promo Alarm. OLENS always has great promotions going on. Before I followed OLENS on Facebook, I would miss the promotions that I'm interested in. But now, it always pops up on my news feed and it's much easier to keep track of when I should be splurging while getting the best deal!

  • Mar··· 08/03/2019 0Recommend

    I love the no.4 promo alarm! When I see it on my social media feed, it just gives my another opportunity to stock up on contacts lenses! Plus the lens are so natural that everyone asks if they are my natural eye colour! 10/10

  • Sue··· 08/03/2019 0Recommend

    Secriss 3con Natural Brown. I don’t know much but my friend and I have about the same sight. She gave me her 1/day to GOT7 concert and I really liked it! I looked good in it and I could see! I just joined membership and purchasing now!

  • Jov··· 08/03/2019 0Recommend

    I love No#3 Trend Eyestyling because I love to keep up with celebrities like BlackPink are currently into. I love the line of contact lenses that celebs use exactly and so I can learn how to look fashionable like them and also how to pair my makeup with the contact lenses!!

  • Ver··· 08/03/2019 0Recommend

    Eye Care Campaign about contact use during swimming was really informative and useful! I now know to only use 1 Day Contacts when I go to the beach or to the pool instead of 2 week contacts or 1 month contacts.

  • Ser··· 08/03/2019 0Recommend

    I chose no.4 Promo Alarm.
    I really like the idea of getting notice for the sales available and also the different products and surprise gifts I would get upon spending a certain amount on the lenses. The surprise element really makes me look forward to what i would be receiving. Promo alarms Jjang!

  • Sok··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    O-LAB Comparison is really helpful to me. As there is a wide variety of lens design that olens offers, I would have to click into multiple tabs to compare which one I like better! With O-LAB Comparison, I am able to compare the different range and colors at a glance which saves me so much time!

  • Shu··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    No. 4 Promo Alarm is my fav! When I come across OLENS promo posts on Facebook and Instagram, I instantly become excited and immediately check out the website! I’m always so tempted to buy the lenses since they are so pretty. Besides, who doesn’t love discounts? Just go all out!

  • Sam··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    I love no. 4 Promo Alarm! I bought my first olens contact lenses because I saw the discounts on the facebook page, and now I think I'm addicted to olens! The promotions are always so tempting...

  • Kri··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    I choose #3. Bc it makes me want to buy the exact Olens & follow the makeup that the celebrities wear. I also get to practice my makeup skills in order to look as hot and fashionable like them. The trend eyestyling with celebrity gave me a guide on how the lenses will look on a certain face. Amazing

  • Sha··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    I like no.1 O-Lab Comparison! I always have a hard time deciding between colours of the same style or same colours of different styles, so it’d be great to see all the differences at a glance!! (I’ll still buy multiple colours of the same style I like though, can’t live without your contacts!)

  • Den··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No. 4 Promo Alarm! I saw the Facebook ad for the eyestyling kit and I set my alarm

  • Joh··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    I choose No.1 O-LAB Comparison. Since I have monolids, it is way more easier for me to see what my eyes would look like with differnt lenses. Since I am New to what colors I like, the guide helps me alot to find my match. Also, to help me to visualise in person. Very handy guide!

  • YLi··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    I prefer #2 because it is important information! Even if we hear it from the eye doctor, it is always good to be reminded. Also, it shows that olens cares about customer’s’ health!!

  • Mav··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    Number 4 is my favorite as I always love to buy olens only when it’s on offer!! I look forward to every offer that olens give!

  • Nur··· 08/02/2019 1Recommend

    No. 4 Promo Alarm is by far my favourite! Always looking forward for new promo and sales. Olens is always very generous with promo so I love it :)

  • Kat··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    No. 4 is my favourite because your promotions and sales are amazing, especially considering the quality of your contact lenses

  • Ioa··· 08/02/2019

    Secret comment

  • Rem··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    My favorite was No. 4 Promo Alarm. I love OLENS but since I'm a college student, I can't always buy my favs at full price. I love it when I get notifications for sales! :DD

  • Bre··· 08/02/2019 0Recommend

    Vote for No.2 Eye care information !
    First of all, congratulation of 200,000 followers of my love OLENS! Actually the reason why I chose no.2 is that it was so helpful when I began wearing contacts lens recently! OLENS helps my first time of wearing contacts:) GOOD