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2019 Resolution


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  • Tin··· 01/21/2019 0Recommend

    My New Years Resolution is to be healthier overall and meet the goals and expectations that are set for me!
    Happy New Year and Good Luck to everyone!

  • vev··· 01/16/2019 1Recommend

    my new year resolution is to eat healthier and lose weight!

    happy new year to the olens team✨✨

  • Mat··· 01/16/2019

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  • Joy··· 01/16/2019 0Recommend

    I resolve to
    1. Eat reasonably during pregnancy
    2. Cook more Chinese recipes so my husband will crave them too!
    3. Get an A average winter term

  • Soo··· 01/16/2019 0Recommend

    my top 3 resolution for this year is to be

    1. find happiness on what i do
    2. share love to people around me
    3. try to love my life as it is

  • Mic··· 01/15/2019 0Recommend

    My new year resolution is:
    1.To work hard at school and do not procrastinate on homework
    2. Take opportunity and be more confident
    3. Spend time with family and do well in school
    Im excited to try olens, they are colorfully have such great deals.

  • Ama··· 01/15/2019 0Recommend

    My year's resolution is .....

    To wake up earlier and work out more often.
    To take care of my health more
    To do more good deed

    Thank you for being such a great contact lens company, Olens. cheers

  • Ama··· 01/15/2019 1Recommend

    My top 3 resolutions are:

    1. To maintain healthy habits such as going to sleep earlier

    2. learn and use better vocabulary

    3.To share the new things I learn during 2019

  • Ste··· 01/14/2019 0Recommend

    Cheers Olens!! May all of your wishes come true in the new year!

  • Ste··· 01/14/2019 0Recommend

    My top 3 resolutions are:

    1. To build and maintain healthy habits such as going to sleep earlier than I did in 2018 which was usually from 2 to 4a.m.

    2. Try to swear less & use better vocabulary

    3.To teach & share the new things I learn during 2019, even if it is a small gesture!Have fun in 2019!

  • Jul··· 01/14/2019 0Recommend

    My new year's resolution is to wake up earlier (even on weekends) and work out more often/consistently!! The older I get, the more I realize I need to take care of my health more!

    Thank you for being such a great contact lens company, Olens. You're my favorite company to buy lenses from. ❤️

  • Ong··· 01/14/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution is to wear sunscreen everyday and start getting used to wearing contacts. Believe it or not I've always been scared of wearing contacts but I'm sick of wearing glasses! Saw Xiaxue using olens and I bought some to try! I must say that olens is really efficient as I've received it alread

  • Dyn··· 01/14/2019 0Recommend

    Olens, I thank you for your amazing and charming lenses! Always so reliable and AMAZING. I wish you more and more success in the years to come! ❤️

  • Dyn··· 01/14/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution is to do more good for others! ❤️ Love and support for everyone!

  • Hud··· 01/13/2019 0Recommend

    I hope O lens becomes more popular this year i wish you guys a successful 2019 and i also wish you guys more purchases

  • Hud··· 01/13/2019 0Recommend

    Happy New Year
    My resolutions for 2019 are to be more confident in myself,to be happier,to help more people,to read more books,to get more knowledge on things that interest me and to choose the right career for me.

  • Sha··· 01/13/2019 0Recommend

    I hope olens is able to expand their market and also add clear or black contacts. Also I hope they expand and try some daring colours or even combinations!

  • Sha··· 01/13/2019 0Recommend

    I hope to step out of my comfort zone and make more opportunities for myself while bringing my friends along. I want us to all rise in happiness and success this year. And get closer to our dreams!

  • Nin··· 01/13/2019 0Recommend

    2019 will be the year of self love and knowing my worth above anything else. It’s time to appreciate my beauty within so that it would reflect on the outside. O-Lens has been a big part of that mindset and aesthetic with their beautifully made lenses. Hoping that the odds will be in my favor! ♥

  • Sam··· 01/12/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution for 2019 is to live more environmentally conscious including eating more healthy and less processed food! I hope OLens will get more internationally recognized and keep designing the best natural color contacts. Let’s do our best!

  • Shu··· 01/12/2019 0Recommend

    Happy New Year Olens !
    Thank you for the opportunity ♥
    My resolution is to study more for school and find a job because i really want to travel with my friend.

  • Phu··· 01/12/2019 0Recommend

    Thank you o-lens for the opportunity!
    My new years resolution is to achieve a high ATAR score (high school system in Australia) and hopefully enrol into my dream university. In saying this, I hope to view difficult situations in a more positive mindset so both my family and friends can be at ease.

  • Cai··· 01/12/2019 0Recommend

    Happy New Year Olens! I'm so happy you've been open for an entire year! I think you're doing great. Definitely keep it up, I can't wait to order lenses from you in the near future!

  • Cai··· 01/12/2019 0Recommend

    I wish to become prettier this year to "debut" for University. By using your contacts to have prettier eyes I can do that. Thank you so much!

  • Hob··· 01/12/2019 0Recommend

    Hi olens! This is the first contact lenses brand I‘ve ever bought. After I tried it, I start to repurchase again and again. Really like olens's natural style,especially the Spanish and the Honey ring. Hope that the second box of the buy1get1 can be chosen a different color. LoveAndThx!

  • Dia··· 01/11/2019 0Recommend

    Hello Olens Global! My resolution is to be positive and volunteer a lot to help my community! I hope Olens can become more successful and famous globally! I wish everyone luck for the new year! :)

  • Reb··· 01/11/2019 1Recommend

    My resolution is to be more patient and understanding towards others and to not judge too quickly. Hoping for OLENS to get big in the US and globally!! Let's make 2019 our year!

  • Wee··· 01/10/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution is to pick up running as a habit!
    Olens is utterly comfortable for my sensitive eyes, and all the lenses I have ordered have never felt drying on my eyes. Thank you Olens for producing such contact lenses :)

  • Kar··· 01/10/2019 0Recommend

    MORE OLENS in 2019!
    Last year I over came my fear to put something inside my eyes (I wasn't even able to put eye-drops in my eyes!)
    I tried them... it took me 2 hours to put one circle lense on one eye. So this year I want to practice more to get to put them faster… I need more circle lenses Thx

  • Fra··· 01/10/2019 0Recommend

    Hi I need more colours for the Spanish lens (1 day) so that i look way better throughout 2019.
    This is the best contacts I have ever had.

  • Qin··· 01/10/2019 1Recommend

    My resolution this year is to be more active and focus more on myself. Also, grateful that a classmate recommended OLENS to me and i am in love with it ever since. Made my first purchase October 2018 and am back to order more pretty contact lenses. Wish OLENS all the best!

  • che··· 01/10/2019 2Recommend

    My resolution is to have no regrets and embrace change! i have always been afraid of change, but i would like to believe that change can be a good thing too. Olens have helped me in this journey. Despite my fear of trying new things, i got my first pair of coloured contacts here. no regrets so far!

  • Kao··· 01/10/2019 0Recommend

    Thank you OLENS!! There are so many good deals (especially the buy one get one free) have such good prices . Thank you OLENS best wishes

  • Sha··· 01/10/2019 0Recommend

    Happy New Year! I wish to see a stronger, more confident and better me in 2019. Hopefully that’ll bring fortunes to my nearest future. Also grateful to have discovered OLENS in 2018, it’s been a website I regularly visit for months now! All best wishes!!

  • Jul··· 01/09/2019 0Recommend

    Thank you O-lens for this opportunity! I love O-lens lenses because they are extremely comfortable and pretty! I always get compliments when I wear your lenses. I hope for more success for O-lens in 2019!

  • Jul··· 01/09/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution for 2019 is to become a happier person with myself. I want to be happier with myself, and stop comparing myself to others. This has been a big struggle of mine in 2018, so for this year, I want to be happier not only for me, but for everyone around me as well.

  • Jay··· 01/09/2019 0Recommend

    I felt beautiful with OLens’ contact lenses and I realized others should also feel the same. So, my New Year’s Resolution would be to feel more confident in my style by being true to myself and try to spread that confidence towards others who thinks they can’t do it. Waiting for more from OLens!

  • Ser··· 01/09/2019 0Recommend

    My 2019 resolution is to make myself and the people surrounding me happy.
    Thank you Olens for making the nicest lenses!

  • Ooi··· 01/09/2019 0Recommend

    my resolutions is to become a better person by not living in judgemental, hatred, and jealousy world. Thanks Olens for giving us opportunity to have such great lens ever! Accompanied with such great promotions and on going updates on new products!!!

  • Joa··· 01/09/2019 0Recommend

    This year I'd like to be a better person by; going to sleep earlier, don't procrastinate my school/housework, try new things I've always wanted to do and of course be happy :)

    BLESS for what you guys do~ provide these great quality lens and make them available for people all around the world <3

  • Jam··· 01/09/2019 0Recommend

    Thank you OLENS!! There are so many good deals (especially the buy one get one free) and the packaging is so cute! The lenses fit very comfortably and have such good prices.

  • Jam··· 01/09/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution is to become more confident!! I hope to eat more healthy, exercise, and go out more and have fun with my friends!

  • Zol··· 01/08/2019

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  • Van··· 01/08/2019 0Recommend

    My new years resolution is to be happy and stop worrying about what other people thing. Doesn't matter if that means to eat all the food I want, or wear more pink lenses to work, I just want to be happy this year.

  • Cha··· 01/08/2019 1Recommend

    My resolution would be to be a more grow up person, learn from my mistakes and takes any opputinities that came into my life!! The time pass by so fast and I don't want to waste any of it

  • Hel··· 01/08/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution is to be more confident in myself and put myself out there more!

    Thank you Olens for helping me feel more confident by spicing up my look!

  • Lan··· 01/08/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution: I can be more know and love God , also always be grateful that I have people who love me and I love that still be with me. I wish I can be more useful for everybody. Wish everyone I know will be happier.

    Thank you Olens!!
    Olens is an awesome products. Keep the innovation! Hwaiting

  • Ade··· 01/08/2019 0Recommend

    My New Years resolution is to make time for my loved ones around me, even in the midst of stress and other work. We can't forget about the people who continue to bless our lives with their joy and friendship!

    Thank you Olens, for making beautiful products always! 2019 will be wonderful!

  • Zay··· 01/08/2019

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  • Cha··· 01/08/2019 0Recommend

    My 2019 resolution is to better improve myself always taking care to be grateful for those around me. I want to push my abilities to reach further this year and strive for opportunities in my work. I love wearing O lens and how it spices up my look. Looking forward to your new designs this year!

  • Kat··· 01/08/2019 0Recommend

    My goal for 2019 is to lose weight. I have 9kg to lose and I already lost 5kg in December.I want to feel healty again and be a better person this year^^
    I love Olens because it also offers very natural looking lenses for those who want to just enhance eye colour and all lenses are so comfortable♡

  • Ann··· 01/07/2019 0Recommend

    I want to take better care of my health! Drink more water, stand up straighter and do more Pilates. Happy New Years Olens! I love your lenses and am looking forward to wearing them all throughout 2019.

  • Pay··· 01/07/2019 0Recommend

    My 2019 resolution is to spend more time with my family and overcome all of my bad habit in last year.
    Really love your contact lens. It's very beautiful and comfortable.

  • Lid··· 01/06/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution for 2019 is to get myself a driving license, have good grades & be happy! I really love wearing O-lens contact lenses and I hope they will come out with more beautiful designs this year ❤️

  • Emi··· 01/06/2019 0Recommend

    My 2019 resolution is to do more things that scare me; to pick my battles, overcome them, and grow stronger. I hope to graduate, find a good job & settle down this year. An important year it is! Good job in making the most popular lenses, O-Lens! Keep up the good work! Greetings from the Netherlands

  • han··· 01/06/2019 2Recommend

    My new year resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle and to take care of my self, and I want to try more Olens contact lenses since I love them.

  • Iri··· 01/06/2019 0Recommend

    My 2019 resolution is to be honest to myself. Learning to love myself even shits happened. When I failed, I stand up and face it. No hiding no escaping.
    My first color contacts are from Olens and I love their products since then. I’ve tried 4 colors so far, hoping to try the rest of all❤️Thank u

  • Dan··· 01/06/2019 0Recommend

    My new years resolution is to become a good mom! I'm pregnant this year and makes me nervous and excited!
    I love o-lens because I can glam up my makeup just with contacts

  • Chl··· 01/05/2019 0Recommend

    also thanks olens for gorgeous lenses! LOVE the spanish real collection!!

  • Chl··· 01/05/2019 0Recommend

    honestly, just to get more sleep and take care of myself more. be grateful for opportunities. be nicer and save more time for family. cut toxic people out of my life. get into a good uni. live healthily. be happy...:)

  • Glo··· 01/05/2019 0Recommend

    My new year resolution is that this year I’m able to take care of myself more often, and not neglect those around me

    I want to be able to improve myself, both mentally and physically, and to always be available for those who needs me.

    These are my New Years resolution :)

  • Glo··· 01/05/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution for 2019 is to be grateful for what I already have and to live in the moment. I really want to spend more quality time with my loved ones. My first order from Olens will be coming in about two weeks and I already can't wait to buy more! I have heard so many good things about your lens!

  • JuH··· 01/05/2019 0Recommend

    I first discovered Olens last year and purchased from you guys and I love your lens! It's the best monthly and daily lens I had ever tried. Will continue to make purchases from you guys. My resolution is to spend my money more wisely this year

  • Emi··· 01/04/2019 0Recommend

    My New years resolution is to save my money up to be able to pay for Uni and to get a car

  • Eun··· 01/04/2019 0Recommend

    My 2019 resolution is getting into an relationship..i’ve not been dating for long enough time

  • jov··· 01/04/2019 0Recommend

    I've never tired O-lens but I have seen so many people wearing them and they look awesome! I hope they have awesome sales this year

  • jov··· 01/04/2019 0Recommend

    My new years resolution is to have less negativity in my life and to find the beauty in living :)

  • Mun··· 01/04/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution to to experience life fully in 2019! Never look back and regret the things done, moving forward will be the best for the future!

  • Far··· 01/04/2019

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  • Cry··· 01/04/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle and put more effort into my appearance. Olens are beautiful in appearence and I've seen high reviews. I would love to have a pair of my own so I wouldn't always need to wear glasses all the time.

  • Cat··· 01/03/2019 2Recommend

    My 2019 resolution is to have a positive outlook on life and see the beauty in everything in the world. O-lens has beautifully designed lenses that enhance your beauty with subtlety and elegant charm. All the best for 2019 and may more gorgeous lenses be produced by O-lens

  • Pam··· 01/03/2019 0Recommend

    Also! Last time i ordered form o-lens, it was a great experience! The lenses fit nicely, were comfortable and i got a lot of compliments! Thank you, O-Lens!

  • Pam··· 01/03/2019 0Recommend

    my 2019 resolution is to be able to work hard in my program of study and be able to travel! I also want to find products that are meaningful that i can incorprate into my lifestyle!

  • Min··· 01/03/2019 0Recommend

    My last O-lens was an absolute success! The lenses were beautiful while being super comfortable! (my eyes are sensitive to contacts but o-lens lenses were amazing) I'll continue to buy my contacts from here thank you O-lens!

  • Min··· 01/03/2019 0Recommend

    I'd like to share my 2019 resolution with you O-Lens! First, I would like this year to be filled with self-finding and self-loving. I really want to give back to the ones I love and give thanks and love towards them. Also, while hitting my highest highs and lowest low, I want to enjoy &love my life!

  • ann··· 01/03/2019 0Recommend

    My New Year's Resolution is of course, putting in O-lens contacts without taking more than 15 mins! Also, Balancing out work and my social life and explore and learn about different cultures more and learning to embrace one another! I'm happy that O-lens are able to make a global website! THANK YOU

  • Geo··· 01/03/2019 0Recommend

    My new year's resolution is balancing in "Love & Work". As a new graduate nurse, I will help people who are in needs. I believe that love will come after work naturally.
    Thanks Olens for boosting up my self-confidence. You guys make the best gorgeous products in the world. Also, happy new year!!

  • Amy··· 01/03/2019 0Recommend

    My resolution is to develop healthy habits, one of which is to spend my time wisely with the people I love and with myself for more self improvement! :)
    Olens always comes out with new and beautiful lenses so I can't wait to see what they'll bring in 2019!! Best wishes.

  • Leo··· 01/03/2019

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  • Shi··· 01/03/2019

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  • Ash··· 01/02/2019 0Recommend

    My New Years Resolution is to make sure I’m positive, healthy and study consistently. Olens has definitely made me feel better about myself because of the super natural and unique designs I can’t find anywhere else. I wish Olens to be more successful and come out with more fabulous lenses!

  • Ari··· 01/02/2019 0Recommend

    My New Years resolution is to love myself more, Be kind to others around me and workout to become more healthy!

  • Hel··· 01/02/2019 0Recommend

    To achieve my new year resolution for last year, that was to achieve new year resolutions for the year before, which was to achieve the new year resolutions for the year before and before

  • Khl··· 01/02/2019

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  • Lin··· 01/02/2019

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  • Kri··· 01/02/2019 0Recommend

    My New Year Resolution is to stay healthy and be more productive. In 2019, I wish Olens will comes out with many different color lenses :). Hope Olens the best of luck in selling them. Olens has the best contact lenses, they’re so natural and comfortable

  • Jes··· 01/02/2019

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  • Sha··· 01/02/2019 0Recommend

    Good luck Olens for 2019. The best contacts ever. I will keep buying more.

  • Sha··· 01/02/2019

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  • Wan··· 01/02/2019 1Recommend

    My new year's resolution is to be more productive in university! Thanks Olens for making me prettier in 2019 :-)

  • Mic··· 01/02/2019

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  • Ste··· 01/02/2019

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  • Ann··· 01/02/2019

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  • Ann··· 01/02/2019 1Recommend

    My new years resolution is to not doubt and practice my passions!

  • Cho··· 01/02/2019 0Recommend

    Wish Olens will be coming out with more variety of colour contacts, hwaiting~~~

  • Cho··· 01/02/2019 0Recommend

    To get fit! Get my driving license and also to study well and get good grades!!!

  • Joy··· 01/02/2019

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  • CHR··· 01/01/2019

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  • Cao··· 01/01/2019

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  • Cao··· 01/01/2019 0Recommend

    My new year resolution is to lose at least 5 kg and get in shape!

  • Fio··· 01/01/2019

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  • Chi··· 01/01/2019

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  • Joc··· 01/01/2019

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  • Joc··· 01/01/2019

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