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Glowy Natural Latte Brown is

Xxinli 154 Views 06/08/2023
Just tried on my new Glowy Natural Latte Brown dailies today for work for that extra motivation and I love it! There's a full ring of light brown rim that is obvious on my dark eyes yet natural enough to look as though there were my natural eyes. Gotta say Yes to that additional glow and depth . Definitely recommend this to friends who want to subtle but definitely beauty enhancing lenses. How do you like it? Let me know!


Megz Olens Crew 06/10/2023
I love the enlarging effect it has :)
Aj Olens Crew 06/09/2023
They look so natural! If you want a more noticeable lens the glowy black and glowy brown have more of a pop. You look beautiful <3
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