OLENS - Best Korean Colored Contact Lenses




  • Double Tint Brown Mellow and pure shade with double highlight pattern to look more luminous

  • Smoky Olive Perfect eye color change
    with natural blended shade

  • Spanish Gray Iris designed contact lenses with
    the smallest G.DIA 11.9mm

  • Real Ring Brown Pure and clam brown shade
    softly tone up your eyes

  • Double up your mood with Double Tint Mellow and pure shade with a double highlight pattern
    makes your eyes more luminous in every moment!

  • Best Korean Colored Contacts Review on dark eyes Looking for color contact lenses?
    Here are natural color lenses with ultimate color change!

  • On my days off, l like to choose a these light brown shade! The Velvet brown is natural but still pretty and bright enough !!

    Velvet Brown ( 1Month ) 01/27/2023

  • Double tint lens is G.DIA of 12.9mm which is natural and good choice for everyday wear. As you can see now this is caramel brorwn color that subtly tones up the pupils! so you can have bright and luminous eye look in whole i recommend this Double tint brown colored contacts!

    Double Tint Brown (10p) ( 1Day ) 01/17/2023

  • Omg I love my Lenses more than any lenses! The brown color looks so natural and its so comfortable to wear.And the moon pattern is relly stunning and great! I would buy them anytime again! The cherry moon is perfect for douyin eyes makeup!

    Cherry Moon Brown ( 1Month ) 01/17/2023

  • I tried Jennifer 3con gray color and I am in love it! These contacts have an ultimate color shifting effect.I actually love how gray color blend well with gold point!

    Jennifer Gray ( 1Month ) 01/16/2023

  • Perfect coloured contacts if you want something exciting but natural. Blends nicely with my dark eyes but is still noticeable.

    Velvet Green ( 1Month ) 01/13/2023

  • So pretty for daily and events. I was scared it won’t be noticeable but it is and still manages to look natural. Makes my eyes the main focus and goes with any look.

    ViVi Ring 1Day Beige (10p) ( 1Day ) 01/13/2023

  • Match the Vivi Ring choco with my choco brown outfit & makeup and I really satisfied with its naturalness. There is a little bit design that could be seen while wearing Vivi ring. The most comfortable color contacts I have ever

    ViVi Ring 1Day Choco (10p) ( 1Day ) 01/10/2023