BestColor -Good blue lenses are SO hard to come by because I feel like it might be hard for brands to create a bright, light colored contact that covers dark eyes well and really shows that impact. I'd say these are the same. They're not bad by any means when it comes to their color pay off but I do wish that they were a lighter blue and didn't lose their vibrancy once worn. I think grays and greens tend to be the colors that usually turn out better.
Design - I feel like the natural design of this lens really gets shown off in the first image of my collage (the comparison one). I think from a slight distance you can really make out the "natural" groves of an iris and it definitely helps to create that depth to the eye.
Comfort - Olens lenses are still some of the most comfortable circle lenses I've tried on. I've been through tons of lenses before and not to throw shade at any particular company or brand but some are just NOT comfortable to wear.