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Golden Sunlight with Lana



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  • Bun··· 08/14/2022 0Recommend

    OLENS is always creative in their lens designs and this one is no exception! I adore the inspiration from a french summer seen in your eyes! I would love to try these French Gold contacts as their simply gold!

  • Jam··· 08/04/2022 0Recommend

    OLENS always has been with me on my special high school days. Prom, club gala, and graduation in 2019. Then the pandemic hit the world and I never had a chance to shine my eyes with OLENS lenses. I really missed those times. I would love to go back to those lovely times with the French Collection.

  • Lul··· 08/04/2022 2Recommend

    I would love to see how these beautiful French Gold designs look in my eyes, they make me think of long summers at a French chateau with a beautiful lake! The design look s absolutely stunning yet subtle, very gorgeous!!

  • Jes··· 08/03/2022 0Recommend

    I would love to try these lens as they make the eyes look so DREAMY!

  • Sha··· 08/03/2022 0Recommend

    I love the French Gold lenses so much! I got to try them in the welcome kit and been thinking about them.. The way it enlarges and merges with your natural eye color is just stunning! It made my makeup pop!! I love olens :)

  • Lil··· 08/03/2022 7Recommend

    The gold ripple patterns on these French Gold lenses are so gorgeous, they look like the sun's rays dancing on a dreamy sea! I would love to wear these and show my friends, Olens contacts always make me feel more confident, they are the best!! Thank you!

  • Lil··· 08/03/2022 0Recommend

    Wearing Olens always makes me feel extra special and happier, I would really love to try this lovely French Gold range with it's stunning and stylish golden design to bring gorgeous colours to my eyes!!

  • Lil··· 08/03/2022 6Recommend

    Olens are very artistic with their designs and everything is top quality, these French Gold lenses have such a chic and delicate pattern and the golden ripple effect looks absolutely gorgeous, like sunlight ripples reflecting in water. I would love to try this range, Olens is always my number 1!!

  • Chl··· 08/02/2022 0Recommend

    I'm always on the hunt for the perfect honey and hazel lenses that blend naturally with my eyes and are comfortable to wear all day! Olens currently has my favourite and most natural looking lenses with one of the best suited DIA for me, and I'd love to try this collection~

  • Lil··· 08/02/2022 1Recommend

    Wearing Olens contacts always makes me feel happier and better, I would love to try the French Gold set of lenses because this design range looks so lovely and gorgeous, the design is so delicate and chic, thank you!!