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[Scandi Olive] Eyeshadow Looks with BEST 5 OLENS Colored Contacts


The masked era has come. Life in masks is globally widespread now and we are getting used to communicating with others by looking only at each others’ eyes in our everyday life. As a result of that, people are interested in various eye styling, the demand for colored contacts is increasing. Because there are many things to consider, such as your skin tone and style, it is hard to choose the coloured contacts that suit you among various graphics and colors like brown, blue, or gray. However, once you find a styling method that fits you, It will become the best way to express yourself while wearing a mask. 



OLENS offers various styles of colored contact lenses for every occasion. You can select colored contacts among duration, graphic diameter, colors, and designs.  However, If you are a colored contacts beginner, or have difficulty looking for the fit one for you, this writing is for you.



Here are the tips for eyeshadow looks that you can try out with the top 5 bestsellers of OLENS.




1. How to pick the best color contacts for my eyes?




The easiest way to pick the colored contacts is to pick the color that matches your skin undertones. Similar eye color with your skin color will naturally brighten your face and will give a healthy and natural glow to your face.
- Cool undertone: If your skin undertone is cool-toned, blue contacts will make your skin look more brightened and clean.
▶Recommendation: blue contacts, aqua and gray color contacts
- Neutral undertone: People with olive or neutral Skin undertone usually suit well with all kinds of colored contacts. 
▶Recommendation: olive colored contacts, hazel colored contacts, purple color contacts, and gray contact lenses 
- Warm undertones: If you have sunkissed bronze or tanned skin, lighter color contacts can give your face highlighting and brightening effects. 
▶Recommendation: honey color contacts, brown color contacts, blue contacts





2. Eyeshadow Looks with BEST 5 OLENS Colored Contacts



1) Peachy Brown Makeup Look - Russian Smoky Brown

OLENS Russian Smoky Brown is brown colored contacts with unique graphic design and dramatic color which can make fancy eyestyling. Soft brown edge line design enlarges your eyes very naturally and completes edgy styling.


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Brown colored contacts make you look soft and calm. It makes you more elegant and fabulous when you match with peachy-brown toned eyeshadow. Try to put some creamy peachy, neutral brown, or orange shade to upgrade your elegant mood. 

Eye makeup with orange & brown eye shadow and long fake lash is suitable for anyone with a warm undertone. Of course, the brown color contacts will boost your stylish orange-brown eye makeup. 
Extra tip! apply shimmery pearl shadow on your orange-brown eye makeup to boost the winter holiday spirit. 


image from “We heart it”






​2) ViVi Ring Brown- Natural Makeup 

OLENS ViVi Ring Brown is one of the most popular brown colored contacts among OLENS best sellers. Naturally blended designs of creamy dark brown complete a soft and romantic mood. 


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The best feature of ViVi Ring Brown is natural looking like your own eyes and suitable for any makeup style. With ViVi Ring Brown, you can create light natural eyeshadow looks like you had no makeup on. Lightly fill your eyebrows with a sharp eyebrow pencil which is similar to your hair color. Add some coral or rosy color eyeshadow at the undereye to emphasize soft brown colored contacts. 

Image from “Fashionista”






3) Symphony 3con Gray - Cat Eyeshadow Looks