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November Attendance Check Event (3rd Week)


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  • Cin··· 11/26/2020

    Secret comment

  • Cin··· 11/25/2020

    Secret comment

  • Yan··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Real Spanish olive or island gray. Really offers natural hybrid vibe, but not exaggeratndi.

  • AIN··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I would make more natural blue monthly contacts that I can wear everyday

  • cal··· 11/25/2020

    Secret comment

  • Ami··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I would create more angelic or fairy like design

  • Wen··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I would like to make more natural brown/caramel colour lenses

  • moe··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    Open is my fav brand and my friends also love it too now! Loyal customer.

  • win··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I would make green and gray contact lenses.and something natural.

  • Jen··· 11/25/2020 0Recommend

    I would make double colored lens to give a more mythical look

  • Ell··· 11/24/2020

    Secret comment

  • Luc··· 11/23/2020 0Recommend

    I would make natural looking purples/ violets or more green lenses

  • Kah··· 11/23/2020 0Recommend

    I would make a lens that is comfortable for everyone to wear as if you are wearing nothing :)

  • Cla··· 11/20/2020 0Recommend

    I would want to make something that is the most comfortable to wear and maybe just for the fun, some really interesting contacts for cosplay/sfx!

  • Yux··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    Such an amazing brand. I like the lenses' color. Vivi is my favorite. I felt sooo comfortable when I wore them.

  • Xue··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    Such an amazing brand! I’m looking forward to buy more O fresh!

  • Tif··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    I would make a line of themed lenses that are in collaboration with cute characters or other brands. Additionally sell them in cute box sets.

  • lew··· 11/19/2020

    Secret comment

  • Eun··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    I would make contact lens that sparks the eyes and enhance the eyes bigger. Every girl deserves to be the apple of everyone’s eye.

  • cry··· 11/19/2020

    Secret comment

  • Kim··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    I would make designs that pop out when you look at the eyes! But just enough to make it look like the natural eyes! And for it to show on dark brown eyes!

  • Ari··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    i feel that the different series sold currently are uniquely diverse on its own but i would develop lenses for astigmatism to cater to a wider range of consumers!

  • Lei··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    I really like the viviring series so i would create more color variations. Such as green and blue, but i will make sure it's all nature and just a hint of color because that'show.i.like my lenses. Haha

  • Tra··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    Scandi gray is my favorite

  • yeu··· 11/19/2020

    Secret comment

  • Lid··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    A nice lavender shade that can complements purple / lavender outfits

  • Nat··· 11/19/2020

    Secret comment

  • Jam··· 11/19/2020 5Recommend

    I would create a line similar to Scandi, where it adheres beautifully to the person’s eye color, so beautifully and naturally.

  • Jer··· 11/19/2020

    Secret comment

  • Kor··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    Although I myself have brown eyes, I would create a line for people with lighter eyes that look natural with blue, green, grey, and brown options (even choco). It would have a quality that adds a sparkle for a more lively feel and a pattern that balances light and dark to blend with more coverage.

  • Kie··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    I would make a lens that is a gradient from a golden brown interior to and blue/green/grey exterior. Ones that have a nice pop of color but also lighten up the remaining of my dark brown eyes.

  • Chl··· 11/19/2020 0Recommend

    I would make contacts that would be available for those with different eye powers like myself, so it’ll be more easier to purchase instead of having to buy the same lens twice. As well as, I would create lens inspired by pastel colours e.g pink as it would look very elegant and cute

  • Lil··· 11/19/2020

    Secret comment

  • Eri··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    If I was an Olens staff, I'd make a lens of pale lavender or just a pale line, kind of like the Russian Velvet or the Scandi Light grey but with more muted colors. The Galaxy ones are pretty but a pale lavender would be beautiful in pictures. Maybe a lavender mixed with a powder blue. <3

  • Zai··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    Brown contacts with some green in them. Thin and comfortable.

  • GRE··· 11/18/2020 1Recommend

    Greenish brown hue with with no borders,finer iris design for 3 to 6 months use or a 1 year use. With different power for astismatic person like me

  • Ann··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I would create one day lenses for other shades in the Spanish lines

  • Ker··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I would make affordable and comfortable coloured contact lenses for people with astigmatism so that they can enjoy clear vision at the same time, enhance their eye look!

  • Ser··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    More lenses for people who are astigmatic so that they can wear our lenses comfortably at night too!

  • Miy··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    If I was a Olens staff member, I would make more contacts that focused on minimising the pixels on the lens. For example, by using smaller circles or colour, and trying different colour distributions. I love your products, especially the Spanish line!

  • Che··· 11/18/2020

    Secret comment

  • Hel··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    Contact lenses suitable for long sight and short sight (난시용 렌즈) and also lenses for smaller base curve eyes (under 8.5). So that more people can wear olens without having to buy a specialised one that isn't coloured.

  • Ana··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    contact lens that comfortable for very dry eyes and sensitive. have a pattern that make people think that even its a blue color, it is not lense.

  • Shu··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    This was my third time bought color contacts on olens, olens’ contact feels so comfortable, and the color as well as the pattern are so amazing especially the natural line. I had used the viviring’s choco, it looks so good on me for daily look.

  • Iri··· 11/18/2020

    Secret comment

  • Tra··· 11/18/2020

    Secret comment

  • Tze··· 11/18/2020

    Secret comment

  • Cry··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    omg i’ll probably make something impossible happen? have micro LED lights in my lenses and color changing lenses so i can have different color throughout the day!

  • Yin··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    This may sound crazy but maybe something like glow in the dark lenses, that’d be really cool for parties, clubs, festivals or any crazy event if you wanna go extra.

  • Yas··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I would want to make colored contacts for people with a stigmatism for my sister

  • Rac··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I’d love to see fun designs and themed releases, I’ve seen hello kitty and sailor moon themed lenses and I think they’re stunning

  • Agn··· 11/18/2020

    Secret comment

  • Nic··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I’d make more 1-day colours—not only natural looking ones, but also some that are more “out there”!

  • Yin··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    Clear lenses with a speck of sparkle to make your natural eye color gleam when it hits the light!

  • Emi··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I would definitely make a milky brown contact with with glitter to make eyes sparkly !

  • Kim··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I would make a contact lens that can illuminate in the dark. So mysterious for club night and attractive! Another would be making olens monthly more hydrating to last the whole day!!

  • NgX··· 11/18/2020

    Secret comment

  • Ann··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I was an olens staff, I would make more lens that are suited for cosplay and make collaboration with artists or cosplayers.

  • Ayl··· 11/18/2020

    Secret comment

  • Sel··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I would make Self cleaning lens/lens case that don’t need to be cleaned after wearing, just put them in solution/box and it’ll be cleaned after the night

  • Son··· 11/18/2020

    Secret comment

  • See··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    If I was OLENS staff I’d make the Russian Silvers as a monthly contact

  • Cé··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    Lenses depending original eye color or lenses depending hair color? Even lenses with various different eye diameters (but we need a way to measure it ㅠㅠ

  • Lig··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    If I was an OLENS staff I would make a line of cosplay lenses, full of bright colors but also comfortable. Some from popular animes like naruto or tokyo ghoul and others that work for any character. That would be really cool.

  • Mag··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    Daily Scandi light grey contact lenses! Probably pink colour, lilac, PASTEL coloured lenses!! Would love more variety for cosplaying or just having fun with colours hehe... Still absolutely love the scandi line and would want daily versions of them all

  • Pui··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I want to more different colors of one day lenses so we can have different looks every day

  • Gin··· 11/18/2020

    Secret comment

  • Qin··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    More comfortable and breatheable contacts that will not make ny eyes tired even after a whole day!

  • Sus··· 11/18/2020 1Recommend

    Please make one-day scandi light grey contacts! I would really appreciate them!

  • Jac··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    If I were an Olens staff, I would make more variety of colours for the daily line. I.e. colours that only be found in monthly.

  • Zoe··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I would like to make contact lenses in collaboration with popular culture; such as sharingan contacts from Naruto.

  • Jin··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    I would want to expand each range so that all designs have both daily and monthly options!

  • Jir··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    If I were an Olens staff, I would add more colour variations to existing lines for one day contact lens. There are more designs in monthly, so they should expand into daily too.

  • Meg··· 11/18/2020 0Recommend

    If I wer an OLENS staff, I would want to add more pinks into the collections!

  • Van··· 11/17/2020 0Recommend

    If I was an OLENS staff I would want to add more colours to the SCANDI line, colours like dark/natural brown, light browns and peach!

  • Sha··· 11/17/2020

    Secret comment

  • Wen··· 11/17/2020

    Secret comment

  • Mau··· 11/17/2020

    Secret comment

  • Mei··· 11/17/2020 0Recommend

    I want to make a softer, more comfortable lens that can have a variety of colors and a wide range of power for those who need prescriptions.

  • Ivy··· 11/16/2020

    Secret comment

  • Sam··· 11/16/2020

    Secret comment

  • Ind··· 11/16/2020

    Secret comment

  • Yue··· 11/16/2020 0Recommend

    I would want to make shimmery contacts that still look natural like scandi hazel but with some glimmer in it.

  • Ash··· 11/16/2020 0Recommend

    Some light black ones with small glitter in them, so that they are very natural, which can be used every single day -- but also different.

  • Vic··· 11/16/2020

    Secret comment

  • Vic··· 11/16/2020

    Secret comment

  • Miy··· 11/16/2020

    Secret comment

  • Rac··· 11/16/2020 0Recommend

    I would love to explore different colours especially purple lenses to make it more natural looking when wearing and comfortable.

  • Cat··· 11/16/2020 0Recommend

    A 'Scandi Circle' range (Scandi range with soft limbal ring in monthly and daily formats)

  • Ana··· 11/16/2020

    Secret comment

  • Qia··· 11/15/2020 0Recommend

    Hmm I would make lenses for all ages and gender! Everyone can have their olens match. Something versatile and natural and light

  • Fai··· 11/15/2020 0Recommend

    Shimmery contact lens with glitter if it's possible! Very bright and beautiful.

  • Liw··· 11/15/2020

    Secret comment

  • Sim··· 11/15/2020

    Secret comment

  • Tse··· 11/15/2020

    Secret comment

  • moi··· 11/15/2020

    Secret comment

  • Mar··· 11/15/2020 0Recommend

    I would explore more peaches shades and more grayish purple tones! :)

  • Jad··· 11/15/2020 0Recommend

    If I was a OLENS staff, I would design contacts with different colors for example purple! I would try to make them very natural, easy to wear, and most of all, it wouldn’t be irritating to the eyes. For me especially I like contacts that are less pixilated and look more natural

  • Bun··· 11/14/2020 0Recommend

    If I were an Olens staff I would want to make lenses in many different colors! Purple, pink and green are divine colors! I would also try to make them with in pretty graphic, easy to wear on the eyes, comfy and natural! I especially love lenses that make the eye look misty and cartoonish <3

  • niz··· 11/14/2020

    Secret comment

  • The··· 11/14/2020 1Recommend

    If I were an Olens staff, I would want to make more contact lenses with the colors related to blue and purple because that would look good when people wear them.

  • Jun··· 11/14/2020 0Recommend

    If I were on the staff, I'd explore a bigger variety of shades. Like brighter greens and maybe outstanding purples

  • Gra··· 11/14/2020 2Recommend

    If I were an Olens staff, I'd expand the variety of colors offered. For example, darker purples or blues for a more striking look. I also think it'd be helpful to include charts/graphics on the website so that people can understand what the different measurements mean to pick the best lens for them.

  • Lij··· 11/14/2020 1Recommend

    If I work at Olens, I want to make contacts on different diameter according to individual's pupil size. Also, I will design contact lenses in categories according to individual's original pupil color. For example, what types fits better in light blue pupil or brown pupil.

  • Su ··· 11/14/2020

    Secret comment

  • yuh··· 11/14/2020

    Secret comment

  • Yin··· 11/14/2020 1Recommend

    Spanish Real like in a darker green than olive! I love the entire Spanish Real line!!

  • Pap··· 11/14/2020

    Secret comment

  • Pa ··· 11/14/2020 0Recommend

    Olens is the best company! Great customer service and theb lens are spectacular. They are very natural for everyday look. My favorite is that it has a high water content

  • Mau··· 11/14/2020 0Recommend

    a thin daily lens that enlarges the eyes! would be nice to see a slightly over the top pattern for use on special occasions

  • Noe··· 11/14/2020 0Recommend

    Honestly OLENS is already doing a good job with their products, but if I was an OLENS staff I would definitely like to make lenses that enlarges the eye but while still maintaining the natural aspects.

  • Vic··· 11/14/2020 5Recommend

    If I were an OLENS staff, I would love to make lenses that have a small star in the coloured iris. It'd add an extra sparkle to the lenses ;)

  • Sha··· 11/14/2020

    Secret comment

  • Chr··· 11/14/2020 0Recommend

    Like scandi but with a bigger graphic diameter. Love the natural effect just wish it was somehow a little more enlarging

  • Kim··· 11/14/2020

    Secret comment

  • Zvi··· 11/14/2020

    Secret comment

  • Mic··· 11/14/2020

    Secret comment

  • Gra··· 11/13/2020 0Recommend

    I can never wear enlarging contacts due to small pupils, they make my eyes HUGE if I wear enlarging ones. So I’d probably make lenses that help pop in color without making my eyes look 2x the size. OR try to improve quality for monthly lenses

  • Tif··· 11/13/2020 1Recommend

    Would love to see lenses that brighten around the iris but are very subtle. My main priority would be to make them as natural as possible, without a pixelated print.

  • Jen··· 11/13/2020 0Recommend

    If i were on the olens staff, I would make dark gray circle contacts with hints of dark red in the eyris.

  • Tif··· 11/13/2020

    Secret comment

  • And··· 11/13/2020

    Secret comment

  • Bri··· 11/13/2020 3Recommend

    Olens already has their good quality product. If I am a staff I would like to make a pair of lens with different colour or pattern on each lens. I think it is special and cool!

  • Ana··· 11/13/2020 0Recommend

    I would love to make enlarging contacts and make them as natural as possible so that anyone can wear them on a daily basis

  • Hao··· 11/13/2020 0Recommend

    I want to make big size lenses, I have small pupils so big size lenses make me look more pretty

  • Mel··· 11/13/2020 0Recommend

    I would make lenses with smaller pupil holes and strong iris colors. That way the it would look like i was born with that eye color.

  • Mei··· 11/13/2020 0Recommend

    I really love olens Black Friday deal , really nice price ! Keep support olens

  • Cha··· 11/13/2020

    Secret comment

  • Nhu··· 11/13/2020

    Secret comment

  • Vic··· 11/13/2020

    Secret comment

  • Joa··· 11/13/2020

    Secret comment

  • Vic··· 11/13/2020

    Secret comment

  • XIN··· 11/13/2020

    Secret comment

  • Tzu··· 11/13/2020 0Recommend

    I would like to make lens for party and for work. Colorful and playful lens for party time. Natural and soft colors for work. Most important, make lens comfortable to wear!
    And Olens has got them all! That's why I'm here<3 Good job, Olens staff!