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  • Sal··· 10/18/2019 7Recommend

    I signed in and still cant see the 15% off .. someone help!

  • Mar··· 10/12/2019 0Recommend

    Guys if your eyes got different degree don’t worry, i buy one box of sugar almond with degree 3.0 and my free second box is 3.25. Yesterday i got the lens and 2 free pack random have the same degree i order, one 3.0 and one 3.25.

  • Jer··· 10/09/2019 6Recommend

    I have different degrees for my eyes. so if i order 1st box and 2nd box with different degrees, what will be the 2 free box's degrees? Will it be the same, if it is the same, what if it is a different colour.. Are we able to choose our degrees or you guys know how to sort this out?

  • Cha··· 10/09/2019 3Recommend

    Will the free contacts also have the same power as the contacts that I will buy?

  • san··· 10/07/2019 6Recommend

    Guys !!
    **** OLens has buy 1 get 1 free promotion only for monthly product !
    So if you get Anna Sui you are only able to get 2 packs of Spanish Circle for free

    **They do offer free prescripted contacts
    For example ) i ordered -1.50 ViVi Ring then I will get 2 free -1.50 Spanish CIrcle !

  • Cho··· 10/05/2019 3Recommend

    How about the power of free lenses given? If i bought 1.50 means the gift i received also 1.50?

  • Dap··· 10/05/2019 0Recommend

    if we buy 2 of the lenses above, do we get 6 free? cause i want to buy it with friends, but I'm not sure if it would work this way?

  • Lim··· 10/03/2019 0Recommend

    I am unable to access the promotion as well for the Anna Sui lenses. :(

  • Don··· 10/02/2019 0Recommend

    For the Anna Sui, it does not have buy one get one free applied when adding it to the cart

  • Don··· 10/02/2019 0Recommend

    For the Anna Sui, it does not have buy one get one free applied when adding it to the cart

  • Hui··· 10/01/2019 12Recommend

    How about the power of Free lenses given? If i bought 4.25 means the gift i received also 4.25?

  • Nia··· 09/30/2019 3Recommend

    Is it possible to order -0.75 power? Sadly I thats my prescription on my left eye

  • ··· 09/30/2019 0Recommend

    Guys I had same experience and I got the answers from olens! They said,15% off coupon is automatically given to our coupon list. Also, when we purchase the order we need to click "coupon discount". and the coupon is only works for the F/W contact lenses only!

  • Eun··· 09/27/2019 15Recommend

    do we get the 15% off coupon after we order or after we sign up??

  • Jen··· 09/27/2019 0Recommend

    It shows the 15%off coupon can't apply to my cart. Any one know why?

  • Sha··· 09/26/2019 3Recommend

    I signed up but I haven't received the coupon in over 3 hours :(

  • Tri··· 09/26/2019 20Recommend

    Can I choose which power I want for the two free Spanish circles lenses? Sadly I have two different powers for my vision):

  • ··· 09/26/2019 3Recommend

    OLENS let us know " Free gift will not be shown on your cart. It will automatically be given" . So of course you can't find that free gift on your check out page !

  • san··· 09/26/2019 11Recommend

    ** The free contacts will be automatically shipped out with the order.
    ** You need to buy one of brown contact lens that introduced in F/W collection ( OLens have buy 1 get 1 free promotion now) then you will get 2 more extra contacts (free Spanish circle) -> then you will get total 3 free contact

  • Mar··· 09/26/2019 0Recommend

    Wait, so i have to buy only one lenses and i can get 2 free lenses???

  • Lea··· 09/23/2019 20Recommend

    what if I need prescription? Do they come with prescription?

  • pha··· 09/23/2019

    Secret comment

  • Mar··· 09/22/2019 37Recommend

    I cant find the two free lenses when i check out! is it automatically once i purchase??