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  • Luo··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type A, it’s really want I want haha, I like olive one that’s amazing!

  • Kri··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type D! This is the first time I've heard of Real Ring Brown, so I bought myself a pair to try. Can't wait to see how it looks on me!

  • Vic··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    My result was D type but I actually prefer E type! They’re all so pretty tho

  • Pui··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I am Type F and Scandi collection is always my choice. I always repurchase Scandi collection. All of the color are my favorites.

  • Jin··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D! But honestly all the lenses on the second row (D, E, F) are ones which I will wear. I like natural looking lens but am up to try any as long as the graphic diameter is not too large. Hoping I can win to try out some new lenses!!

  • Wen··· 05/17/2022

    Secret comment

  • Cho··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    It's B!!! How impress on it that i never tried this Honey Shine Brown ever... Maybe i should try this when i am the winner of it

  • Mel··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got E type, the Eyelighter Glowy Black. My favorite is ViVi Ring Brown, but I just recently bought the Eyelighter Glowy Black so I'm hoping I will like that! I can't wait to receive it.

  • Eun··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got B! I've never tried the Honey Shine Lens yet, but it will definitely be on my next shopping list.

  • Amy··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type B Honey shine Brown, but my favorite is actually eyelighter glowy black. I never tried Honey Shine brown before, maybe it will become my new favorite once i try it.

  • Jan··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E, highlighter and it took me by surprise because it’s something I’ve got my eye on! So far I’ve only tried secriss and I’m liking it. I’m new to Olens so I would love to try more :)

  • Shi··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    My type is F, the scandi olive is definitely my favourite so far, I've gotten lots of compliments on how natural it looks :)

  • Sel··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type E! my favourite had been the russian smokey grey. however my style changes all the time and like trying new looks!

  • Jes··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    WooHoo! I got Type F which is scandi olive! I’ve never tried olive colored contacts before- only brown & grey lens. also I was sad that I couldn’t order contacts when US shipping was closed… BUT NOW SHIPPING IS OPEN! LSo excited to try more Olens contacts so fingers crossed I can win this :

  • Hel··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    Type E - Eyelighter Glowy Black
    I purchased from Olens thrice , love Vivi ring colors n effect. Tried other brands, I look scary with light grey lenses. With Olens, I look good in light grey n yellow when other brands couldn't bring it out in me. I received compliments too.

  • And··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type F and I would love to try it! Looks natural yet gives something different to your eyes!

  • JES··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    Indecisive gotten B/F, vivi ring series probably my favourite. Trying other range of lens this time round too. Loving them, yay!

  • Nao··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got D - Real ring brown! I tried vivi ring series with brown, choco, pink and grey! Really like the effect. I’m really curious about the different effect on my eyes. =v=!! Can’t wait to get both~ My favourite lens are definitely eyelighter glowy black! The best highlighter lens I’ve ever wear.

  • Chr··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type F, scandi olive. My favorite lenses at the moment are the vivi ring series ( brown, pink, choco) :)

  • YIN··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    i got type F which is my fav scandi olive! i also like spanish grey

  • YIN··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    i got type F which is my fav scandi olive! i also like spanish grey

  • Jul··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D! My favourite lens are the Russain Velvet brown! been wearing the same ones for so many years!

  • Lin··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got B Honey Shine Brown! But my favorites are the the real ring Browns. I have to admit B is also really pretty but I just love the real ring brown EVERYONE should try them out. I‘m in love with smoky Russian grey too <33

  • Jes··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    My results was B type, but my favorite is definitely F type scandi olive. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  • Dal··· 05/17/2022

    Secret comment

  • Sar··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got E and yes I would like to try a fun color like that! I usually do greens and sometimes blues but never brown or grey. I will have to shop and see what I find

  • Mon··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    My result is type D Real Ring Brown. My all-time fav is Spanish Circle Brown!

  • Cyn··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    F type. I like:
    Spanish Circle Brown 1 day
    Vivi ring 1 day Choco
    French 3color Brown
    Scandi 1 day Olive
    Honey ring Choco
    Rorastar Violet
    Plie Violet

  • Ana··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type D. I like it! However, I have green eyes so I am unsure if brown would look natural for me. Also, hooray that US shipping is back!!!

  • Khu··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type F. Surprisingly, those are my fave contacts. Also I am super happy that you guys started to ship to USA again.

  • Gra··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got C type, which is right on the mark -- I've been wanting to try Vivi Ring lenses for so long :) My current favourite OLENS lenses are Spanish Circle Brown and Scandi Gray, which both look so natural and pretty and still show up on my dark eyes.

  • Fai··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type E! My favourite contacts are the Spanish Circle Gray

  • wen··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got E and I love the eyelighter lenses!! I have blue eyes and lenses like these work well on my eyes!

  • Yue··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got D & it's exactly what I would wear -natural & bring light to the eyesss

  • Jas··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got B! Recently got to try out honey shine brown and really love the lens, really brings a nice ✨shine ✨to the eyes and enhances my overall look. (:

  • Jes··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got D,but I love using the Spanish real brown and the velvet green they are both natural looking but give you a different look I would like to try out D since it looks like them:)!

  • Jul··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I don't have a specific lipstick style so I got both type C and D! Which are just the ones I've been eyeing for a long time!

  • Gre··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    Got TYPE C, but I'm more inclined to natural looks like Spanish lenses. ^^,

  • Chr··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I landed on Type F- Scandi Olive! Definitely a style I like! The olive color is a nice subtle look for brown eyes

  • Sop··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    Type C! Which is exactly what my favorite is! But would love to try all!

  • Yi ··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    Landed on type D but F is totally my go-to. Wished spanish lenses were listed among the types

  • She··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I landed on B Type but I love the look of Type D, E, and F haha

  • Cry··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I landed on type D. I haven’t tried Real Ring Brown but it looks like something I would like.

  • Bel··· 05/17/2022

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  • Jal··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    Type A - literally the grey just makes the eyes sparkles with any glam makeup it's literally perfect

  • Sam··· 05/17/2022

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  • Lau··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I'm Type E and my sister is Type A! I love Eyelighter Glowy Black and have always wanted to try Smoky Gray.

  • Ali··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got B type from the quiz, must try Honey Shine Brown next time!

  • Hea··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E - Eyelighter Glowy Black! Really pretty and subtle natural color :) Type A - Smoky Gray would be my second favorite! Looks fun to try new colors!

  • Bet··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    Spot on, I got type E and it was the first thing that caught my eye!

  • And··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    C or F - depending on my mood. I got real ring brown or Scandi Olive

  • Lil··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    Eyelighter Glowy black! Never tried, but definitely down to! Looks so pretty

  • Jin··· 05/17/2022

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  • Wan··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type F - Scandi Olive has been my all-time favorite! Looks natural but cute

  • Ell··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    F - scandi olive! one of my favorites! I also really like the vivi rings

  • Li ··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    type E! I’ve been wanting to try a more type coloured contacts

  • Tes··· 05/17/2022

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  • Ela··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    F Type- Scandi Olive! That's the one I've been looking at, too!

  • Oli··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D!! pretty on point if you ask me :) although I also love a grey lens!

  • Chr··· 05/17/2022

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  • San··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E! I’ve been wanting to try a more natural type coloured contacts because my all time favourite are the smoky gray!

  • HM··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type C!!! It’s really pretty and brighter than my natural brown colored eyes, so I think it’s a really nice fit!

  • Ee ··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type E which is a great way for me to try out this lens as I have never came across it before! My usual favourites are Caribe Gray and Lavender Gold 3con. I just placed an order for my favourites but will definitely try out Eyelighter Glowy Black on my next purchase ;)

  • Reb··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    Mine is E type! And to be honest i’ve been wanting to try the Eyelighter Glowy lens since quite awhile but i’m still contemplating… Will try it on my next purchase!!

  • Ken··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I'm E type it definitely fits my aesthetic and I think it would look good with either soft or glam makeup. I think they could be worn in there own if someone wanted to. Also it would look good on people with cool toned skin like me so yeah really cute

  • Ann··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got type B which i didn't expect! I've never tried honey shine brown before but it seems really cute and worth a shot for sure.

  • Ter··· 05/17/2022 0Recommend

    I got E type, and I have not yet tried an OLENS contact, so I don’t currently have a favorite, but I believe that the VIVI greys look pretty

  • Xin··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Mine is type C! THE CLASSIC Viviring brown!!!!!
    love it!! natural but cute~ perfect for school

  • PTL··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type A, Smoky Gray! Even though I haven't tried Smoky Gray yet, I would love to as I want to witness the transformation of my eyes into something alluring! I love wearing gray contact lenses (I usually wear Spanish Gray) as they enhance my look heaps!

  • Cha··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type C, Vivi Ring 1 day brown lens! It’s very moisturizing and comfortable. My eyes won’t get dry even if I wear it for the whole day. My eyes also looks big and it’s very natural! Love this design and would definitely purchase again in my next purchase.

  • Nic··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type A, which is perfect! Smoky Gray are my favorite, but I also really love Vivi Ring Brown and Scandi Olive! I usually wear gray lenses, but I've always wanted to try brown and green!

  • Lia··· 05/16/2022 1Recommend

    I got F type Scandi olive. This is just beautiful color I love it !!!

  • Syl··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Car··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type F and it is my favourite pair to wear! It’s natural looking but makes a difference at the same time :)

  • Anh··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type B! All of these colors are so pretty tho,, I’m tempted to buy them all

  • Nai··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type F! That’s perfect because I I always stock up on Scandi Olive every three months :D!

  • Kel··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type D ❤️But Type E looks really cool, I might give that one a try

  • Nic··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type D :) I've tried ViVi Ring Brown daily lens and they are super comfy <3

  • 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E, but personally I love type A! I love the the shade of gray in type A!

  • Rup··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type B! And I literally just purchase honey shine brown yesterday before the quiz cos it’s totally my type. Super accurate!

  • Cla··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Im type C as the lens look natural and it’s my favourite colour lens.

  • Hue··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I'm Type C that my favorite lens. Shine and Comfortable to wear..

  • Gig··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Joa··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    mine is type A!! my favs are definitely the russian series especially russian grey <3

  • Jul··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    type a! my favourites are either the smoky line or the scandi line

  • Khi··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type A! My favorites are Scandi Light Gray and French Gold 3con Gray!

  • Ann··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type A! Just ordered vivi brown contacts

  • nic··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I’m a type D. My favorite lenses are real ring brown and vivi ring brown!! Love it sooo much!

  • Ver··· 05/16/2022

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  • KMa··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Got C type! My favorite is the Honey Shine Brown too! It's so cute!

  • Nhu··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    E types. My favorite is eyelighter glowy gray and real ring brown.

  • Jen··· 05/16/2022 2Recommend

    Type F!

  • JUL··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    my result is c type! that happens to also be my favorite! :) i also love the 1 day scandi line as well!

  • Jin··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I'm Type A. My favorites are the 1-day Russian Smoky in Olive and the 1-day Vivi Ring in Beige.

  • Sus··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got F type, and Scandi Olive is defs one of my favourites! Also love Spanish Real Brown and Spanish Real Peach

  • Min··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type B from the quiz! I've never tried it before tho, I usually go with the scandi olive!

  • Wen··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D for my quiz. Tho I have tried the real ring series, it doesn't look as natural in my opinion because of the ring.

  • Tin··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type B for my quiz type! I haven’t tried this contact yet, and would definitely be open to trying it.

  • Dor··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I’m type C and I agree that the ViVi Ring 1Day Brown is most likely the one I’d like to purchase for the most natural look!

  • Glo··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Im Type A! And i love smokey Gray already :) my favorite is they gray one in scandi line so this is perfect.

  • Ama··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    My quiz says I’m D real ring brown . Haven’t tried but I liked the scandi collection so far !

  • Fre··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Did··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    D for my name Didi! I do want to try smokey gray though... something different

  • Ser··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Dap··· 05/16/2022

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  • Mic··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I’m type F. I’ve always wanted to try scandi olive, and this is another reason pushing me to get them! My favorites are scandi grey and Vivi ring brown, subtle but so beautiful.

  • Nun··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type B :)
    and really matches with my favourite colour.

  • Chu··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type A. Love smoky grey and brown. They make me look so glam!

  • Shi··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D
    Definitely matches with my favorite color of lenses which is brown with ring

  • Jul··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Lin··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Mine's type A! definitely matches my preference for grey contact lenses from Olens! <3

  • Yim··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got the F type! I personally like the Scandi Olive 1day as it looks very stunning. So, getting a Scandi Olive 1day as the answer is just too perfect for me!

  • Soc··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D! My favorites are Scandi and spanish real brown.

  • Ren··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Xia··· 05/16/2022

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  • Gen··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got F type! My olens favourites are vivi ring, spanish real, and eyelighter glowy :)

  • Ash··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    F is very my type of contacts to enhance your eyes and have everyone compliment them! Pairs extremely well with glam makeup.

  • Yik··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    i got type F ~~ and my favorite lens is eyelighter glowy brown =)

  • Ste··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D, and they are my favourite ♥️ I love how natural and elegant they make you look.

  • Ani··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got E and the eyelighter glowy black is my favourite,

  • Lun··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got B :)
    However, my favorite would be the smoky gray lenses

  • mon··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Surprisingly A type. My favourite is Russian Velvet because it looks very natural and "soft"!

  • Sha··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    F! Idk about Scandi Olive, but I do like the more natural looking lenses, the ones that seem to blend in better with the natural eye! I’ve tried over 10 different lenses/colors so far (and more coming), but my current favorites are Crystal 3con Gray, and It’s Choco!

  • Shu··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got C and coincidentally my favourite is vivi ring series as well! It looks natural and suits for daily look.

  • Tha··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got B. Honey Shine Brown. My favorite is Spanish Circle Brown.

  • Ana··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    C squad!! Very accurate! I always look for naturally enhancing lenses. Definitely already had my eyes on the Vivi ring series!

  • Cla··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got D and my favorite as of now is Caribe 3con Brown! but sadly the -2.75 is out of stock :((

  • Jin··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got C! I have actually been looking to try the Vivi Ring Line, natural yet alluring! :)

  • Soj··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type D- my favourites are Vivi Ring Brown, Spanish Gray :)

  • Ama··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E, which is a lens I would love to try. However, enlarging circle lens generally do not suit me, which brings me to my favourite - scandi olive. It is mysterious yet natural.

  • Ind··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E and I usually wear natural lenses and I’m really into grey eyes these days

  • ely··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    i got type b and i usually buy colored ones that are a bit bold but id like to try brown too now since im really into natural makeup these days

  • Wen··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D! but my favourite is F type, scandi olive, although I like natural looking lens, scandi olive is really pretty so I ended up choosing opposite of my personally preference

  • Kri··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D and i usually go for a grey contact lens because its natural looking but still eye catching i love it.

  • Sab··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type A! Very straightforward:) I love being glam and getting ready in my cute olens

  • daw··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E which is also my favourite one! I really love the black colour and the dewy glowy effect, it looks super natural and would bring out my super dark brown eyes really well :)

  • Sha··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    My type is the type B, because my skintone is just warm so I think it will be good at me.

  • Ang··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type A I usually like gray lenses because is matches my hair currently and my makeup style.

  • Kat··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D! But my favorite is actually type C, I love my Vivi ring in brown. People always think it’s my real eyes and compliment me!

  • Jia··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type D! and my favorite lens from OLENS is Spanish Real olive & peach because of how natural-looking they are with super gorgeous patterns

  • Pha··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type E and I love the Eyelighter Glowy Black lens! They are so natural yet animated!

  • Sab··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I'm type D! Which is exactly the style I normally gravitate too! I've loved O lens and the quality and great style that they've come up with over the years. Although my current favorite contacts are definitely the Russian series, I would love to try out the Real Ring!

  • Eun··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type C which was surprise because Vivi ring brown is my usual go-to lense!
    It’s not too obviously pop but also noticeable little bit which I like.
    Very good harmony whether with or without makeup on and also casual or dress up look.
    Comfortableness is a plus!

  • Chr··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I am Type D which is surprising as I haven't tried the Real Ring line yet!! Have been a fan of Olens for years, but haven't gotten the chance to purchase their products yet. Have watched tons of reviews and can say my favorite line will be the Sandi line or something similar to Type B!

  • Yi ··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    This quiz is really accurate! I purchased my first contact lens from Olens and I did the quiz a few days later. It brought me to type C (exactly what I bought). Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • Ang··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    This quiz is sooo accurate! I purchased my first vivi ring from Olens and I did the quiz a few days later. It brought me to type C (exactly what I bought). Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • Ati··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Eyelighter glowy black (Type E) which looks like my perfect go-to lens because I like flawless skin makeup and try new things. Honey brown sine (Type B) really caught my eyes.

  • Jen··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type B.
    My favourite lenses so far might be: The Russian Smoky Collection, the French Gold 3con Collection & the ViVi Ring Collection~
    Now I’m waiting for an order so I can try the BTS lenses. We’ll see if they end up on the favourites~

  • Jai··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type E! I have a lot of favorites. I love Spanish Real collection (all colours are lovely), Spanish Circle Gray, Scandi collection (Light Gray and Olive are my favorites), Blossom collection (Gray and Pink are my favorites), Blingsome collection (Coral Pink and Stone are my favorites).

  • Tom··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type F! I usually wear the grey colour in the Scandi line, but maybe I will try olive!

  • Ser··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I am type B!! I love the natural coloured lens and they look good on selfies too!!
    My favourite have always been Vivi Ring series and recently i love the enlargement series too! They make my pupils look bigger yet natural!! And Olens lens are super comfortable for my eyes and i love iy!!

  • Kim··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D! My favourite contact lens is Spanish Circle Grey! Have been a fan of it for years

  • Eun··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got D-Type, which is perfect because I really do love that style of contact lens -- natural, enlarging, and a gorgeous brown! My favorites from OLENS that u constantly re-purchase have been the Natural Day Brown lenses and the ViVi Ring Line -- Choco, Brown, and Beige!

  • Peg··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I’m a type D, which is interesting as I’ve not yet tried the real ring lenses! It’s been on my to-try list and definitely keen to try it out as it seems perfect for my style :)

  • Aim··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Eyelighter Glowy Black (Type E). I also enjoy Scandi Olive (Type F), Vivi Ring 1Day Brown, and Honey Shine Brown. Russian series (not listed) is overall favorite though.

  • Mea··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type F and it’s spot on! My favorite lens is the Scandi Olive. It’s very natural and goes well with my tan skin. I always get compliments on my eye makeup!

  • cec··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I am type D and that is also one of my favorites. I love all the series with natural brown brown and olive color giving the natural look. Type C and F is also my type as well!

  • Sel··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I am Type E! Eyelighter Glowy series is one of my favorites. I usually wear eyelighter glowy brown or cherry moon brown on a daily basis <3

  • Mei··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type D and that's my always my go to color in Olens. Type A lens "caught my eye" , and would definitely try that for a new fresh look

  • Wan··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D but I usually like to wear contacts from Olens that are of a different color than my natural brown eyes! My favorite range from Olens would have to be the Spanish series and also the series with BTS as they are really natural!! Cant wait to try more lenses from Olens

  • Mar··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I am type F and that’s also one of my favorite lenses at Olens.

  • Yon··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I’m type F, and I it matches with my usual style as well! Glad to know that the quiz works for me!

  • Jan··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Surprised to know I’m a type F! Would usually go for Type B or D. Definitely open to trying other lens next time!

  • Fab··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Tam··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Hi how to enter the quiz? Mine does not work. Please advise thanks

  • SUR··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got A! Which makes sense cause I do love a glam eye look for every moment but I honestly love my natural browns as well like D.

  • Hil··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type C, but I also like Type B & D as well! Natural browns enhance my look and it will make others think something looks different but can't pinpoint what it is because it's natural-looking.

  • Khu··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E. Yes I love to try new things!! I love all of those lens

  • Reb··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Iri··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type A, and type A contact lens are what I usually go for!

  • Yun··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got D type! I think it’s the best choice for me. I hope that I can try it soon~~ :)

  • Sha··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Kat··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I'm a type D, but my favorite is the type A! Never knew I like glam look too

  • Chi··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Tra··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Yin··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    i usually wear scandi anf Russian or Spanish series because they're so natural. after Test i will try real ring seriee next time because i am a type d girl

  • MyL··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D and I’m no surprise since it is my go to type of contact lenses.

  • Ang··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type A Smoky Gray! This is too accurate because I mostly wear gray colored contact lenses with bold smokey eye makeup! And my favorite type is Smoky Gray, and Scandi Olive ☺️☺️

  • Hel··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type A! It’s such a bold and beautiful colour! My favourite would definitely be either Smoky grey or Honey Shine Brown (the most noticeable ones haha)!

  • Yee··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Jan··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Apr··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E. No wonder I liked glowy black so much. But I should try out new things too.

  • MJL··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got C type (Vivi Ring Brown) which is actually the lens I would wear. The favorite one is hard to pick but I will go with the Eyelighter Glowy Black.

  • Viv··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type C!! This is so accurate! I have been re-purchasing the vivi ring designs so many times

  • Log··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    B TYPE >o< I think the honey shine is so cool and I hope to try it soon

  • SAN··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    D type but my fave is vivi ring in choco!! It's my go to with and without makeup

  • Xia··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Kim··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    Type C but my favorite it Russian Velvet Green as it's natural looking but still noticeable!

  • Ash··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Jul··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got E (eye lighter gooey) but my favorite is vivi ring

  • jam··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Ley··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type D which is pretty interesting as I would've never thought of trying Real Ring Brown, but now I am excited to try them. I really do love type A though - the enhancing feature that Olens provides through their lens is immaculate.

  • Dan··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got D, love the real ring brown! It’s very natural and comfortable

  • Jas··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E, eyelighter glowy. I have been interested in this lens, since it is natural and enlarging.

  • bob··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Nay··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type B, Honey Shine Brown. It’s actually funny because I recently bought lenses, and I was going to get the Honey shine but I got other type lenses. I tried everything but this honey shine, maybe for next purchase I should try honey shine

  • Li-··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type F! And I really love scandi olive. One of my favorite lenses

  • Jia··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type F cuz I like my eyes to be natural but also at the same time stylish which is the perfect match for me!!!

  • Zhi··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type F~~
    One of my favourite contacts in my stash

  • Sar··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got type B, which looks absolutely stunning! I am new to the colored contact world, but I am loving all the vibrant colors and the way it changes your whole look! Love it!!

  • Xin··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    My quiz result is type C, this is my personal favourite as well, love it!

  • Ang··· 05/16/2022

    Secret comment

  • Rie··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type E (Eyelighter Glowy Black) but Type B (Honey Shine Brown) is my favourite as I’m currently wearing it too.

  • DOA··· 05/16/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type C ( Vivi Ring Brown) as a result but my favorite one is Honey Shine Brown and surprisingly i found all OLENS contacts look good on no- makeup face.

  • Die··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type D. Viviring Brown is currently my favourite! I think Real ring in Brown would be a go to everyday lenses for me too.

  • Nic··· 05/15/2022 3Recommend

    My results were: Type B

  • Eem··· 05/15/2022 2Recommend

    Type F but I really want to try the russian smokey line!

  • Aki··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    I’m type F. However I love and will try all these styles. Before I have been ordering more type A lenses, now I am trying more natural styles, brown lenses, however color changing lenses will always be my choice

  • Hoc··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Haha I am type A, but it is more than logic as I always repurchase colours like grey, green, or blue! As I find my natural eye colour a tad boring (Asian so dark brown/black-ish)

  • Yaq··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    I'm Type EEE, never tried them but looks very natural. My favourite lenses are Viviring Brown and Russian smokey brown!! So Comfy!

  • Oli··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E which i think is a great match for me! I naturally have light eyes, green-grey actually, and so I love Brown contact lenses. They give a lovely look <333

  • Ang··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Type F, they look natural with makeup and made my eyes POP! Received positive feedback on the lovely contact lens!

  • Isa··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Type B! Never tried these ones before but it seems it would give your eyes an extra pop of colour! Would look beautiful in the sunlight

  • nic··· 05/15/2022

    Secret comment

  • Yux··· 05/15/2022

    Secret comment

  • Whi··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    B Type! I have never tried contacts like this, I'm curious to see what it would look like on me :O My favourite is usually D or F type!

  • Tay··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Type B. I havent tried it but it definitely caught my attention when it was introduced!

  • Kir··· 05/15/2022

    Secret comment

  • Ash··· 05/15/2022

    Secret comment

  • Mia··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    It depends whether I'm going out or if it's just everyday makeup. If its everyday makeup I like to keep it minimal and as natural as possible, in that case I got type D. However if we are talking about a date or a ladies night etc, then it leads to type C. I usually buy these lenses

  • Val··· 05/15/2022

    Secret comment

  • LeA··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Type F!!! Tried scandi olive before and it was so cute ❤️❤️

  • Ber··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Type C!! I love natural but enhanced looks. Scandi eyes and natural ring types like real and vivi are my favorite

  • Sin··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Type A !!! It's also my favourite colour. Gray is the best to show the eye make up.

  • Lis··· 05/15/2022

    Secret comment

  • Agn··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    I got D type 'Real Ring Brown'! To be honest I really want to trying this type! It look truly aesthetic things that I love. Before that I fall in love with Vivi Ring Pink and Scandi Grey! Olens is the best lenses ever, First time I used Olens it will always be my best friend forever! Thanks Olens

  • Rou··· 05/15/2022

    Secret comment

  • Kim··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Wow i got type E! I have yet to try the Eyelighter series - so it would be really cool to hehe. I've liked all the lenses i've gotten so far, so its hard to pick. I really enjoyed the spanish gray 1d and would love to try pink or purple lenses and the vampire red one from halloween!

  • Joy··· 05/15/2022

    Secret comment

  • mic··· 05/15/2022

    Secret comment

  • Yew··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type D which I am really excited about as I have not tried the Real Ring series before! (: My recent favourite is actually Eyelighter Glowy Black as it is my first time trying lenses with different tones and it turns out to be more natural than I think! It really has that “glowy” effect ☺️

  • Yap··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Type A :)) haven't tried russian smoky gray but I'm willing to try new lenses :)) as someone who focuses mainly on eye makeup and uses brown/gold lenses trying silver Gray for once will be a nice change :)

  • Ire··· 05/15/2022 6Recommend

    Type A for me!! Truly love how comfortable it is and at the same it make my makeup more stunning and pretty. Cant go without lens for makeup and indeed it make a big difference

  • Jur··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Type C here!!
    I really love the scandi olive and the russian grays!!

  • NGY··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    My result is Type D! Wow it got me right! Its really incredible, my favourite design of O-lens is real ring and I really prefer brown contacts

  • Kar··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    My type is B. Love the enlarging effect on my eyes. Make my whole natural makeup more energetic than sleepy eyes.

  • BON··· 05/15/2022 6Recommend

    My type is F !!
    Wow, when I saw this lens I immediately fall in love with it ❤️ Never try OLENS before , I just ordered few days ago, I hope I got the chance to win this prize

  • Cyn··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    E type. My favourite is Vivi ring it’s really look pretty much on my eyes. Also, can use it everyday when at work it’s very comfortable to wear whole day.

  • Nur··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Yayyy! Im type A. And im truly loving the Russian Smokey series! It’s a game changer!

  • Hay··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    My result is Type B.
    I really like the Vivi Ring series and it I wear it almost every time I go out. My other go-to is the Eyelighter Glowy Black. Both series are sooo pretty and very natural on my eyes.

  • Emi··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    I got type E which matches pretty well since i’ve been meaning to try the eyelighter line <3

  • LIN··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    B Type is my type~
    Natural makeup + Matte lipstick + warm colour skin + enlarging effects~~
    I wear contacts lens when I at high school. I love the olens have enlarging effect contact lens. The enlarging effect will help me seems like have a big eyes

  • Car··· 05/15/2022 2Recommend

    My result is C type- Vivi Ring 1Day Brown!!!!
    Omg it’s so true!!! I’ve bought vivi ring before and vivi ring is my all-time favourite!!!! What a coincidence. Hopefully I can win this giveaway~
    Olens daebak!!!!!!

  • Waf··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    My type is A, Russian smoky gray which is in fact a contact lens I have been interested in and love. I have purchased caribe gray from Olens which a bit more subtle than Russian Smokey gray to first see how how grey eyes look on my skin tone and I do like how it looks and it quite suits me.

  • Lyn··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Type F here! Tried scandi olive before and it's really natural looking and comfortable to wear whole day! I would love to try out eyelighter glowy black!! My favourite is definitely Spanish Circle series though hahaha it's my ultimate favourite❤️

  • Tal··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    I got type d, which matches well because I like natural styles! My favorite usually is Spanish brown :)

  • She··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    Type C, really like the vivi ring colours, and how they are natural yet stylish at the same time

  • Kit··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    I am a F type which matches me perfectly and I literally just placed an order for the Scandi Olive yesterday!! So accurate

  • Yuq··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    B type is my result! I love the patterns on it which makes my eyes look less dull

  • Van··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    My result is type E!
    I like eyelighter glory but my favourite would be real ring!! It's very subtle and natural

  • Sop··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    My type is A and I’ve been loving the Russian series for the longest time especially the grays :))

  • Tov··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    My result is the B type Honey Shine Brown, which in fact is the series that I have in my online shopping bag right now! I'm so excited to try a natural lens that elevates my dark brown eyes.

  • kar··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    F scandi olive and russian smokey olive have always been my faves they are both so pretty and now im here to order more <3

  • Uro··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    My type is F- Scandi olive my favorite . Its so natural and elegant it was my first o lens

  • yan··· 05/15/2022 0Recommend

    my type is honey shine brown, it looks so pretty and i would love to try out a new series. My favourite would definitely have to be the vivi ring series, i have been wearing that for at least 1 year and it is my go to contact lens, would recommend the pink which is super subtle!! <3

  • Sno··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    Surprisingly accurate
    1) I got Type E Eyelighter Glowy Black
    2) I wanna try the Vivi Ring 1 Day in any color

  • Tha··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    I got F type - Scandi Olive and
    my favourite is real ring.

  • Che··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    Mine is Type F - Scandi olive!! So pretty, probably my favourite

  • Ath··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    My result is Type A Russian Smoky Gray and I would love to try it!

  • Jay··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    Good morning everyone!!

    1)My type is E which fits me so well. I love that.
    2)As for my favorite lens it would be the classic Russian blue or any of the Russian series. They are so natural looking just love them

  • Sha··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    1. I got type D (Real Ring Brown)
    2. My favourite is Spanish Circle

  • Sup··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    1. I got type E (Eyelighter Glowy)
    2. and my favourite is Type C (Vivi Brown) ^ ^

  • Kar··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend


    1. I got Type F! <3
    2. And of course, type F, Scandi Olive, is my favorite :)

  • Ann··· 05/14/2022

    Secret comment

  • Tu ··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    Hello :)

    1. I got D type, Real Ring Brown
    2. My favorites are the Spanish series. I have tried all of them and I love them all!!

  • Teo··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    Annyeong OLENS!

    1) I got F type with Scandi Olive
    2) My favorites are Real Ring Brown and ViVi Ring 1Day Brown! I will buy Real Ring Brown to try for a start

  • Yun··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    Hi O-Lens!

    1) My result came out to be the Type E, Eyelighter Glowy Black! I just ordered them today! :)
    2) My daily contacts are usually the Vivi Ring Brown and I would love to try the Russian Smokey Brown!

    Thank you for your great service!

  • Thu··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    hello olen !

    for my quiz I got F Type which is scandi olive.! so many choices to choose and try ! I can't wait what it can do with my eyes and make up style !

    I hope I do. win ! I love your products ! so comfy <3 I would love to try vivi different colours and real ring !

  • Hel··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend


    For the quiz I got D type which is Real Ring Brown.
    My favorite is also Real Ring Brown so the quiz definitely got it right! :D
    I would like to try the Eyelighter Glowy Black!

  • Ser··· 05/14/2022 0Recommend

    i get Type F according to the test which I already purchased. they do fit me really well so I'll surely buy them again as well as the other colours ;)

  • Yee··· 05/13/2022 0Recommend

    Hi there, I got D type real ring brown but my fav is real ring gray! (Jennie fans) <3 I will buy real ring brown or viviring brown to try :)

  • Jen··· 05/13/2022 0Recommend

    For the quiz, I got type A, Russian Smoky Gray! I would love to try the Vivi Ring 1 Day Brown lenses

  • Yee··· 05/13/2022 0Recommend

    Got type B honey shine brown, it looks pretty but I've never tried it will try it next time. I usually purchased vivi ring brown