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  • OLE··· 05/30/2022 0Recommend

    Hi guys! Check your account! Thank you for participating in our event. Winners are announced and $1 reward points were issued to all participants on 27 May.

  • Jen··· 05/27/2022 0Recommend

    Type D but surprisingly I’ve never tried these lenses when I tried all the others! It’s so pretty tho I love them all

  • cla··· 05/27/2022 0Recommend

    im a type E but honestly type A is my go to colour cause it makes me feel more special hehe

  • AhL··· 05/27/2022 0Recommend

    My type is B! But I love type A! Ermmmm no, actually I live all of them!

  • Sar··· 05/27/2022 2Recommend

    Type a!! Love having my eyes be the most dramatic part of my look so it is very accurate. I have always been too skeptical on if the gray would be one I would like but now I feel like I have to try them out!

  • Che··· 05/27/2022 5Recommend

    I got type D! It's really accurate as I am actually using the Real Ring Brown , love that its so natural and perfect for my daily make up look. I also alternatively pick up my Scandi circle brown! Both are my favourite lenses from o lens! Love them <3

  • Dia··· 05/27/2022

    Secret comment

  • Jin··· 05/27/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type F! Scandi olive is one of my favourite re-orders!

  • Oli··· 05/27/2022 0Recommend

    I got Type E, Eyelightner Glowy Black from the quiz! I also want to try out type A, the Smoky gray. I think this one would be good for glam days.

  • Eli··· 05/27/2022 0Recommend

    I got the type B contacts! My favorites here are the real ring contacts, but I have my eyes out on the moonight lenses.